Religious offence - who the hell are you?

Reply Tue 31 Jan, 2006 06:50 pm
Having seen this nonsense:


I wondering about the ethics of respecting the beliefs of others. For example, is it wrong of me to draw a cartoon image of Mohammed because it offends some people? Why should it offend if I do not share that belief? What if I have an opposite belief, and my religion demands that I denounce other religions as tools of Satan? Is it then OK to offend because it is part of my religion to do so? What would Jesus do? What would Ghandi do? How do you stand up for your beliefs without offending people who think differently? Who the hell are you and why should your unproven world-view demand anything of ME ?
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Arella Mae
Reply Tue 31 Jan, 2006 06:59 pm
Hi Eorl,

I can tell you that one time I made a pretty disparaging remark to a Muslim on A2K. I was called on it and rightly so. I had to stop and look at myself and at how I didn't like others making fun of my religious beliefs.

Religious beliefs are very personal to people. Very sacred. When they are ridiculed it hurts. I understand that those that don't have religious beliefs may not understand how it would bother those so much that do. I honestly can. Even if you don't agree with someone's beliefs, they do have the right to them. I think it's very easy to make your feelings known about this issue without calling someone names or their beliefs names.

Some see it that way and some don't. I am not sure that to demand it of you is a good way to put that, Eorl. I think I have gone from expecting someone to act that way to understanding that they won't always.

For me, when I realized I had no right to do that to anyone because of their beliefs, it opened my eyes. This has to be a respect that I am willing to give to others. I cannot expect respect from them, as I can't change them. But, they can expect respect from me, as I can do something about my behavior.

I may think something about someone else's beliefs but I still do not have to disrespect them because of it.
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detano inipo
Reply Tue 31 Jan, 2006 07:39 pm
[tempel: al salamu 3likum
for all the moslem pbl here plz take a step and say no for all the danish goods or products,and may allah mercy all of you]

This is what I just received over the message box, from some freak somewhere.

That religion calls all non-believers satan or worse. At the same time they complain about cartoons.

Anyone who is upset about all this nam-calling, join me. I am an atheist and it amuses me to see all that fighting and insulting. I have no problems, no monkey on my back.

Life is good when one is free.
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