Post-Schooling Scholarship

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Reply Fri 13 Jan, 2006 06:19 am
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I think that the kaleidoscope might be an appropriate visual metaphor for attitude. With each turn, while the core matter (intuition?) remains the same, the presentation changes. The changing pattern is our only correspondence with the intuition (core matter?).

We display an attitude toward most any subject. An attitude cannot be described explicitly but is a notion, which is an inference, based upon behavior. We are all inclined to behave consistently to a situation and this behavior is attributed to our attitude. Our attitudes and the quality of such attitudes are judged based on observed behavior.

Britannica specifies that attitude is "a predisposition to classify objects and events and to react to them with some degree of evaluative consistency."

If I consult my inner self I cannot focus upon an attitude but can infer such an attitude based on behavior.

If I wish to become conscious of my intuition I can through observation of behavior describe the attitude, which, in turn, allows me to ascertain the nature of my intuition.

When a mother tells her son "you must change your attitude". The son cannot change the attitude but the son must change his intuition from which the inferred attitude emanates. This does become a bit convoluted but in essence when we wish to change an attitude we are saying that our intuition must be modified.

The point of all of this is that it is the intuition we wish to understand and our attitudes are a means to discover the profile of our intuition.

Attitudes are email from the intuition. I think email is an appropriate word because the attitude is reasonably clear and the source is mysterious and at the present unknowable.

The attitude directs the behavior. The public and I can observe the behavior and from that gain insight as to the attitude. Under attitudes one might create the categories of values, interests, sentiments, beliefs, predisposition's, irrational tendencies, taste, knowledge, certainties etc.

The public from my behavior can infer attitudes. The question is how do I use the attitudes as a vehicle for making conscious to me the nature of my intuition? The answer is that through solitude and concentration I can focus my conscious intellect and develop inferences as the structure of my intuition.

Solitude becomes the catalysis for developing insight into the nature of intuition. This insight may provide a pattern from which further inferences can be drawn thereby making other aspects of the intuition accessible to the conscious intellect.

Solitude is not meant to be sensor deprivation, which can lead to hallucinations. Solitude and perhaps a modification of normal environment can facilitate the faculty of imagination.

Solitude creates a mood that enhances the faculty of imagination, which becomes the driving force for conscious action. The faculties of imagination and reason that sets one of the human species off from our non-human ancestors. Imagination as a force for human discontent is therefor the force for human advancement. Human flexibility motivated by the discontent of imagination has provided the impetuous for human material advancement.

Goya said that fantasy united with reason "is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels." Fantasy the child of imagination plus reason has produced all the scientific and humanistic and artistic accomplishments.

The discoveries of Relativity by Einstein represent a case wherein imagination led to fantasies which led to new discoveries in physics that were to become new paradigms in that natural science. Imagination leading to fantasy and then through the unique ingenuity of Einstein this imagination was finally grounded in reality. The hypothesis developed as a result of the imagination becomes very much a reality of science.

The developments of Quantum Theory that has led to very practical marvels such as solid state electronics upon which has been constructed the new electronic telecommunications technology are direct results of exploration of the inner world of the atom wherein the apparent laws of physics are so contrary to any normal intuition.

No doubt there were numerous fantasies that when subjected to reality proved incoherent and thus discarded. Mathematics proved to be an indispensable instrument for probing the inner world of the atom because mathematics is a science of pattern and thus acted as a substitution for intuition. Mathematics becomes the kaleidoscope thereby furnishing the pattern not available from intuition.
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Reply Sat 14 Jan, 2006 09:40 am
You're always good for a laugh Cobber.I must admit I was a bit selective about which sentences to read but post-schooling scholarship is what we've all been engaged with since we left school.Some of us might have just studied in fields other than those you are familiar with.I know I have.Were you not aware of that?In actual fact it is very difficult to avoid learning as one experiences the passing flow of joyousness moment by moment.I suppose one is even learning when asleep.

Some people,and I have known quite a few similar types shooting off in all sorts of chosen directions,
start racing pigeons at some point and after a few years they start winning big money pigeon races over 400 mile courses full of real dangers and people ask them how they do it."What you feeding him on Fred ?",they ask him when he's had a few and Fred taps the side of his nose and winks a knowing wink and some other stuff too trite to mention.

Isn't that post-school scholarship.One I knew became World Motorcycle Champion for a few years on the bat and you don't do that by forgetting about studying after leaving school.

I think your post is aimed at making more casual observers of the passing social scene ashamed of themselves for lounging on the couch watching the big game and learning which beer to drink with girlie mags scattered on the rug.A man knows when he deserves a rest and learning how to do it properly,by which I mean without the slightest scorrick of shame, is the most difficult task I have ever encountered having been conditioned to be a pocket dynamo by experts.

You're trying to get us to work harder.I work quite hard enough as it is as I'm sure most of us do and it will take more than trying to make me ashamed of myself to get me to change my post-school scholarship subject to one that meet with your approval.Like money.Dollars,cheques,Krugerands-you know?

Never smarten up a chump.--W C Fields.
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Reply Sun 15 Jan, 2006 07:26 am
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