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I would’ve spoken sharply with the kid *and the mom* if she had the nerve to tell me that I should let her kid play with my hat. I feel like I’d karate chop them.
bobsal u1553115
Reply Fri 18 Feb, 2022 10:10 am
"them". You'd consider karate chopping a kid. Or someone else.

Every time, I think you've left the dark-side ...
Reply Fri 18 Feb, 2022 10:13 am
@bobsal u1553115,
I’m certain you know I was joking.
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Reply Fri 25 Feb, 2022 04:56 pm
Wearing: pretty dramatic grey summer wrap skirt—maxi, pale celery rippled sleeve thin top, turquoise readers, happy attitude, snappy cut out celery green wedge heels. (Had them for a decade, worn them twice—yay!!!
hearing: overlapping happy conversations, erratic mind-numbing guitar. Can’t place genre, but I want to punch the artist and the person who is playing this in the otherwise nice Greek restaurant.
eating: Fantastic gyro salad!!
drinking: Blue Moon, ladies and gents.
doing: Hesitating to go home..
feeling: exceptional but indecisive
wanting: to see my daughter
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Reply Sat 26 Feb, 2022 11:13 am
Wearing: dil’s handmedown 20 year old navy adidas loungers (love!), soft cotton navy-ish t-shirt depicting Jack O’Neill’s Fishing Division, nude macramé slip-ons, son’s most awesome handmedown charcoal hoodie—some post-gothic sentiment drawn on back. Laughing. I’ve forgotten. Gonna take it off and look.
hearing: CNN news report about a wife shepherding her children to a safe Ukrainian border, having left her husband to fight the Russian army. No longer laughing.
eating: Digesting 🍳
drinking: Black coffee.
doing: Trying to come to terms with my ‘terror scrolling’ and trying to plan an outing to clear my head. I’m surprised at how consumed with sadness I am about what’s happening right now. Eyes are wet almost all the time. Not sure why this war steps forward as personally more upsetting. Yemen is no less horrifying. Maybe because I’ve felt hope watching the Zelensky story—and I feel sure I’m soon to see its end—and bigger than the loss of this hero, it speaks loudly to the hope of authentic self-determination for the rest of us.
feeling: sad
wanting: good to prevail
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Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2022 11:17 am
Wearing: longish black tunic, too short-sleeved for this 50 degree F restaurant, but perfect for the nice summery weather outside if I live to get back out there. My awesomest non-wholey jeans, my beige cloth deck shoes.
hearing: Male patron recounting his recent heart attack at length to the waitress who has not brought my beer.🤨.
eating: Grilled shrimp!! Caesar salad.
drinking: Definitely not my beer.
doing: Listening to how god drove this guy’s truck and was answering the phone for his wife. As the minutes pass, I begin to understand that this man has been quite impressed with god’s curbside and phone wrangling assistance and now will not complete a sentence without mentioning god. Two friends have called this guy during his lunch, prompting this guy to recount the exact story that he shared with my waitress. If there is a god, he’s having a fun Sunday ******* with me. Tipping one to Harvey and Tabitha’s buddy god.
feeling: relaxed, resigned, concerned, and blessed
wanting: to see my daughter
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Reply Fri 6 May, 2022 07:24 am
Wearing: Celery, ribbed t top; soft black and purple skin-tight gym pants.
hearing: Chanting of local celebrants in the Sacred Valley, Peru—commentary by Martijn Dolaard (a YouTube guy I love to experience)
eating: Blueberry muffin
drinking: Coffee, black
doing: Enjoying not being in a classroom, relishing not being in a constant state of anxiety about what I have to do next, feeling gratitude that I feel more physically and mentally and emotionally relaxed. Looking at La Paz with Martijn.
feeling: pretty happy and grateful
wanting: a long weekend with my daughter
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Reply Fri 6 May, 2022 04:41 pm
mismi wrote:

wearing: Grey t-shirt with dark grey leaves and stuff printed all over, low riders, bare feets
hearing: Nick of Time by Bonnie Rait
eating: nope
drinking: nope
doing: avoiding laundry
looking forward to: Oh gosh - May 15 I suppose
feeling: blah
wanting: the laundry to be miraculously done.

What happened to my life??

And where is Mismi?❤️😎
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