Abuzz as a sinister video game

Reply Tue 15 Apr, 2003 06:22 am
We are attachment and connection forming beasties, Pueo, many formed attachments to Abuzz, and are forming them here - 'tis like saying partners and friends and family are just humans amongst far too many such on the planet. So they are - but not to us!
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New Haven
Reply Tue 15 Apr, 2003 07:09 am
Abuzz is bloody. Do we have to "cut to the bone" to be family?
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Reply Thu 17 Apr, 2003 09:23 am
First of all, I feel no "guilt" about posting at BOTH abuzz and a2k.
I know of no moral or ethical reason to choose one OR the other. I don't see how it is a matter of "loyalty", either.
Were there two cinemas in town, I would patronize whichever one featured the film I wanted to see... regardless of the ownership of the venue.

My beef with abuzz is what I observe to be a calculated and orchestrated Takeover attempt... a small group is virtually dominating the site, inundating it with a flurry of "Aryan Supremacist" and militarist ideology, camouflaged under the veneer of "Republican Conservatism".

I object to the mindset which feels that monopoly and subjugation are viable strategies... putting all one's eggs in ONE basket is foolish.
(But of course, if one has but a single egg, there are no other options, are there?)
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Reply Thu 17 Apr, 2003 11:28 am
Oh really Magus? And what of the leftist spammer Titus/Crusader_Bunnypants/etc.?

Seems like it pretty much runs both ways on Abuzz.
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