turning off private messages

Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2005 06:45 pm
"Tipper Gore"is a horrible name if you don't capitalize it.
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Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2005 06:49 pm

What did you want an explanation of, exactly?

Like, the technical aspects?

I really don't think incoming PMs CAN be turned off -- you just get them, if someone sends one, and then eventually, when certain conditions are met (Craven mentioned an algorithm at some point), you have the ability to reply, as well.

But Craven or Jes would have to speak to the technicalities.

Email works, too.
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Reply Mon 17 Oct, 2005 07:18 pm
it's for the forum, at this point.

so my question is:

If I can't turn PMs off, is that because it's like a regular email box, so you'd have to ... uh <g> reject each member?

CAN someone explain it? (another damn ISSUE - nothing gets explained in holland, and americans take the time to explain everything. I appreciate this and have lost the knack for it)

also on principle - just because I got caught chatting - it's still a help Q. <g>

no rush, though. i'm ok now. heheh.
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Reply Fri 21 Oct, 2005 10:35 am
To whom it may concern:

Thank you for showing your concern about nimh. Believe it or not, he's one of the best friends I ever had - and *I* have met him. <smiles sweetly>

In answer to your question, I came back for two reasons: The first is that I am still emotionally attached to him - I will be that way forever. <shrugs> So I came here, because he's here. He introduced me to abuzz, and I came to know it as a place with friendly, supportive people I could talk to and argue with without being afraid. <shrugs> That is ONE reason, really. I need to be near caring, supportive people.

HOWEVER, A2K is *HIS* place.

I REALIZE that now - the depth of it. And you might not believe this, but I am honestly too concerned with my own life right now to even THINK about chasing a scared rabbit around the internet! <smiles even sweeter>

So show some respect for his adulthood, please - and for me, too. If you've got anything else to say, please put it in an email, so I have the opportunity to respond, and don't feel compelled to air "dirty laundry".

The complication of nimh and anastasia isn't what I came here for. I thought it would be fine - I was wrong.

Sue me.


to everyone else, I'll put it here, cuz I'd like to make this my last post for a while -

Thanks. I needed that!
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Reply Fri 21 Oct, 2005 10:53 am
sorry - that email would be
[email protected]
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Reply Tue 8 Nov, 2005 01:59 am
Hey, could anyone tell me at what stage will i be capable of sending private messages?
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