Perhaps there's no answer to be found

Reply Wed 27 Mar, 2024 10:52 pm
I've done a few hours of online research into controversial topics, such as the existence of God and the afterlife, the safeness and effectiveness of vaccines, if red meat increases risk of colon cancer and other health problems, etc. But, all I see is ongoing controversy and no answer. So, I can't find the answer to any controversial topic, which means, for example, I don't know how likely vaccines are very beneficial or very harmful.

Pro vaccine and anti vaccine books on amazon present studies and claimed evidence in favor of vaccines being very beneficial or harmful. But, since these books are controversial, I don't know the answer. I might know the answer to controversial topics, such as the topic of vaccines, if I continue doing research. But, I've given up on searching for the answer because of 4 reasons:

1.) I don't have the passion to continuously search for an answer that I might or might never find. I never had this passion/interest and I might never have it. I only have the passion to do a few hours of research and that's it. 2.) There's a lot of research I'm unable to comprehend due to my lack of intelligence and inability to comprehend a lot of things in general.

3.) Note: What I'm going to explain will lead up to the 3rd reason being revealed: There are things we know are true. For example, we know thunder isn't caused by Thor, the flu is caused by a virus, living a lifestyle of smoking a lot, eating a lot of junk food, not getting enough sleep, etc. increases your risk of health problems, extremely high or low temperatures are life-threatening, etc.

Since we know these things are true, that's why they don't have ongoing controversy. But, what about topics that have ongoing controversy, such as the topics I've mentioned in the beginning? It could be the case nobody knows the answer and people just think they know. I don't know if that's the case or not. But, knowing it could be the case renders me giving up on searching for the answer to any controversial topic.

4.) Note: What I'm going to explain will lead up to the 4th reason being revealed: When it comes to controversial topics, there are experts in their specific fields. For example, there are paranormal experts (those who've done years of research regarding the claim of the paranormal), and there are professional skeptics (those who've done years of research regarding the natural world and scientific materialism, which is the idea that consciousness is nothing more than brain function, aka: "Once the brain dies, the mind goes with it.").

Since they're experts, that means they're much more intelligent than me, and some of them debate the paranormal and scientific materialism. So, in order for me to know whether the paranormal or scientific materialism is likely to be true or not (providing it can be known), then I might have to become highly intelligent like those experts. But, I might be incapable of ever achieving such intelligence.

Knowing this possible incapability renders me giving up on searching for the answer to the controversial topic of the paranormal, as well as any other controversial topic. Not to mention, I don't have the passion for becoming an expert on any subject. Now that I've discussed these 4 reasons, I'm going to continue discussing my ignorance. Since I don't know whether God is likely to exist or not, that means I'm not a theist or atheist.

But, I'm not an agnostic either because agnostics claim nobody knows if God is likely to exist or not. Since I consider the possibility one can know if he/she does enough research (perhaps years of research), and the possibility that nobody knows and can never know, then I'm not an agnostic. Since I'm not a theist, atheist, or agnostic, then what am I? I'd simply call myself "ignorant."

Christians would tell me my ignorance is inexcusable because the bible says God has given us signs that prove His existence. But, since claimed signs from God are controversial, then I don't know if they're signs or not. For example, it's controversial as to whether the planetary alignment on 9/23/2017 is the Revelation 12 sign (a sign from God), which means I don't know if it's a sign or not.

Some Christians claim it's a sign and that it's a 7 year warning that points to WW3 or the rapture and the tribulation occurring this year (2024). Again, I don't know if it is or not. As you can see, any claimed evidence of God's existence won't convince me, even if it seems quite convincing. There's a lot of claimed evidence for various claims that seems quite convincing to an ignorant person, such as myself.

But, I don't know if it's evidence or not because it's controversial. So, if anything controversial seems convincing to me, I won't be convinced of it. For example, this website (www.cross2victory.com) presents claimed signs and prophecies that make it seem quite convincing to me that there's going to be WW3 (nuclear war) this year.

But, there were such seemingly convincing predictions in the past of world war and worldwide catastrophies occurring on specific dates that didn't occur. So, there might be no WW3 this year or there might be. As you can see, I can't be convinced of apocalyptic claims or anything else besides facts, such as the fact that Abraham Lincoln was the 16th U.S. president, the fact we need air and water to survive, the fact that thunder isn't caused by Thor, etc.

That's why someone who's pro or anti vaccine won't convince me that vaccines are very beneficial or harmful by presenting a numerous amount of seemingly convincing, claimed evidence to me. But, even though I don't know the safeness and effectiveness of vaccines, I still have to decide whether to get vaccinated or not. I've decided not to, based upon the fact that few people in this world are trustworthy.

So, those who've created vaccines might be untrustworthy, which means vaccines might be very harmful (I don't know, though). Now, since I'm not convinced vaccines are beneficial or harmful, and since I'm not convinced of any other controversial topic, then what about my philosophy, which is controversial? Well, I'm not convinced of it, even though I said I was.

The only reason why I said I was convinced of it and that I was certain it'll never change is because living by any other philosophy has never worked for me, and I wanted to say something that would let readers know I'm closed off from other philosophies (that I reject them) because they don't work for me. For example, living by a philosophy that advocates embracing our unpleasant emotions didn't work for me during my moments of emotional displeasure.

In other words, my life of emotional displeasure was still unacceptable, despite living by that philosophy. That's why I said I'm convinced of my philosophy and that I'm certain it'll never change. Saying so was my way of rejecting that philosophy that didn't work for me. Honestly, I don't know if any other philosophy will ever work for me because a life of emotional pleasure has always been the only life that works for me. So, I've given up on other philosophies.
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Reply Thu 28 Mar, 2024 05:21 am
I don't know how likely vaccines are very beneficial or very harmful.

Well, they don't prevent infection or transmission. That' really all you need to know to make a decision.
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Reply Thu 28 Mar, 2024 06:14 am
By the way, I am referring to the mRNA experimental injection.
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Frank Apisa
Reply Thu 28 Mar, 2024 10:01 am
Mindwave...or Ignorant if you prefer...

...that was a very boring thesis to read.

As for the atheist/theist/agnostic question...why not stop trying to put a label on whatever your position is...and simply live with the position.

My position on that particular question is:

I do not know if any GOD (or gods) exist or not;
I see no reason to suspect that gods cannot exist…that the existence of a GOD or gods is impossible;
I see no reason to suspect that at least one GOD must exist...that the existence of at least one GOD is needed to explain existence;
I do not see enough unambiguous evidence upon which to base a meaningful guess in either direction on whether any gods exist or not...so I don't.

(When I use the word "GOD or gods" here, I mean "The entity (or entities) responsible for the creation of what we humans call 'the physical universe'...IF SUCH AN ENTITY OR ENTITIES ACTUALLY EXIST.)

Most people see that as an agnostic position. But that is up to them.

Your position seems to be more an agnostic position than an "ignorant" position, but I still think it makes more sense to deliniate a position and present it as is...than to use a descriptor that may or may not apply.

The "vaccination" part of your OP sounds like total bullshit to me. I'm 87 years old and have been vaccinated often for many things...and have had no problem with them. It does appear that vaccination has helped humanity in general...and the vaccination problem right now has to do more with political sensibilities than science.

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Reply Thu 28 Mar, 2024 09:41 pm
Hi Mindwave, I am a Christian and while the bible does say there are signs to prove God's existence, a Christian wouldn't judge you for thinking otherwise. We know that it is God who draws each person to himself. in his time. I was unaware of God's existence before He revealed himself to me. But afterwards I could see where he was working in my life. that is my experience anyway. I only just started understanding these questions of reality and the nature of the external world. I think because I grappled with my mental state partly because of stress, and menopause, that I wanted to understand how I was perceiving the world.

My understanding of some of your questions or statements is based on worldviews: upbringing and the experiences that brought us to where we are now. Each person is different, and I know my siblings have their own slightly different worldviews, but collectively, as communities, we may have similarities that are culturally informed, or for example language ould keep us in a restricted view of the world around us. I just read this quote 'Truth on this side of the Pyrenees, error on the other.” ― Blaise Pascal, Pensées. which makes a lot of sense. Wher I live people generally don't eat a stew or a curry with their fingers but on the other side of the world, it is culturally fine.

The God thing is more about faith; you decide in your heart you're going to explore this idea of there being a God that created your world and your own existence. I would suggest just calling out and saying 'hey if you are really real God then show yourself to me.' Doesn't cost you a single thing and if I'm wrong you're lost nothing. I believe God will show himself to you in a way you weren't expecting Him to.

I agreed with Frank saying make your stand say this is what I believe or this is where I stand, I like how he had those open-ended statements. you don't need to lock yourself into anything until you're really sure and even then things can change. While you are searching your worldview will change as you learn new things. Mine sure has over 30 years as a Christian.

I know my worldview is solid because I have already decided the place that I will react and respond to when things happen. Though I'm sure something could happen that I wasn't expecting to and I could fall down hard. But I also know I have the experience to draw on where I know that God will see me through. I know people have different thoughts and experiences to me so I won't expect them to see life like me or agree with me on everything. But I do like this idea of exploring different worldviews so I can speak with kindness and understanding.

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The Anointed
Reply Mon 1 Apr, 2024 10:09 pm
4.) Note: What I'm going to explain will lead up to the 4th reason being revealed: When it comes to controversial topics, there are experts in their specific fields. For example, there are paranormal experts (those who've done years of research regarding the claim of the paranormal), and there are professional skeptics (those who've done years of research regarding the natural world and scientific materialism, which is the idea that consciousness is nothing more than brain function, aka: "Once the brain dies, the mind goes with it.").


Who you are today, is connected to the first slimy creature to have crawled out of the primordial waters of the earth, by an unbroken genetic thread of life.

If that body in which your parental spirit dwells, [Human and pre-human] were born without the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, etc, then no information whatsoever could be taken into the brain, and “YOU” who are spirit [Gathered information] could never have begun to develop and the living body, in which the parental spirit dwells within the innermost sanctuary behind the veil of the flesh, would soon die, never having developed a personality or “CONTROLLING GODHEAD” to that body, which godhead should be an obedient servant to “WHO YOU ARE.”

Then of the Thee in Me who works behind The veil,
I lifted up my hands to find A lamp amid the Darkness;
and I heard, As from Without----
“The Me within Thee is blind.”----- By Omar Khayyam.

When the body in which you [the mind] are being formed, dies, [This is the first death] and your body of “skin, flesh, muscle, blood, bone, brain matter Etcetera, Etcetera,” has returned to the universal elements from which it was created, all that remains, is a shadow or rather, a facsimile of YOU, the mind or spirit, that has been imprinted into the universal life force or soul, which returns to ‘THE GREAT THOUGHT,’ [The collective consciousness of all that exists] from which it will be resurrected in this cycle, or the next cycle of universal activity
The Anointed
Reply Tue 2 Apr, 2024 03:22 am
@The Anointed,
Flesh and blood, which includes brain matter, cannot inherit the kingdom of God., It is the invisible spiritual mind, which is the potential child of God.

This body that you see It isn’t really me
It’s but the womb in which I’m being formed
For I am spirit, I am mind
And it’s the only place you’ll find
‘Who I Am’ until the day I’m finally born
For I will not be free, until this body that you see
Has returned to the earth from whence it came
It’s then that I’ll be born from this womb in which I’m formed
To carry on in life’s eternal game. …. The Anointed.
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Reply Sun 7 Apr, 2024 05:35 pm
Question on the rapture today. Will Aussies go first, or do we have to wait for America to wake up?
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