Chet's Long Lost Return

Sat 19 Aug, 2023 08:59 pm
The NSA, is an organization devoted to home (the term "Mitnick"), school (FPS shooters), and computer router (JPGs and browser bars, with traffic lights) privacy, in SIGINT (design of systems, cryptopsychology), HUMINT (theft of model in film, counter to MI-5, Freemasons), OP-INT (armed warfare, hunting of hackers), Persel (criminal undercovers, arrest of hackers on pedophile charges), Cyber Command (National Guard executions of cops, USMC, and military societies., spying on routers and records).

I was recruited for Persel, through the arrest of Andrew Stanley, for modem tap tools, and diamond hardcore pornography, through Sandra MacDonald and Silver Mace, "Khelkhet" and "Silver", as "Howitzer". I had been raised for Persel, by my mother; one Fuzzy Navel, age 21, and Budweiser, without wine, liquor, and liqueur, a staged suicides expert.

My target takedowns (spymasters, as Budd, the film character devoted to me):

Jimmy "Whitey" Bulger (Capcom Yakuza), OJ Simpson (DC Comics), Stan "Stan Lee" Lieberman (Israel Microsoft), Johnny Depp (USA FBI), Osama bn Laden (IRA Psychiatric), Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud Germany), Elizabeth II of Tudor (MI-6 Scientology), Dr. Isaiah Friedlander (Heaven's Gate France), George Lucas (Russian NKVD Snuff), Anton Sziandor Lavey (Mexico CNI), Dr. Jeffrey "Dr. Leo" Lange (Shah's Iran),
"Dr." Hunter S. Thompson (USAF), Matthew John Scott Lennox (Jehovah's Witnesses).

Each one of these, used ECT, to provide for landscaping.

Ichabod Crane, my father, Jonathan Crane, my mother. Sometimes, it's just too good.

Whitey Bulger, worked the arcades racket, whole east coast.

OJ, gave you crack cocaine, for a cereal box, for a comics plot.

Stan Lee, was snitching authors, through the internet.

Depp, played Red Power, as Redcoats, me.

Osama, bragged about dill, Clerks 2.

Netanyahu, set up EON, as his service outfit, for Canada, the Nazis.

Elizabeth, put you in ECT, for leaving a cop or spy outfit, Django.

Friedlander, put you on talk show, for minors hookups with lesbians, Dommes.

George Lucas, put women in snuff parlors, to avoid IDf being killed as pedophiles, through Harcourt games.

Lavey, performed golf challenges, for wars, out of Mexico, for investment in teaching clubs, for pedophile cops, Bolivarans, the Corridos (cocaine cowboys).

Jeff Lange, sought to control the internet, for British oil companies, outside the control of MI-6, the Students Revolution.

Hunter S. Thompson, worked for Nixon, fearful of Charles Manson, Lincoln, after the Bugliosis took over the grocery racket, Donelans.

Matthew Lennox, converted all of Morocco, Istanbul, Iraq, and Afghanistan, out of Islam, with my false tell, as a slave; actually immune to Islam, a Muhammadan.
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bobsal u1553115
Fri 25 Aug, 2023 02:08 pm
First rule of dealing drugs: Don't do your own product.
Sat 26 Aug, 2023 01:41 pm
@bobsal u1553115,
I think he forgot to take his meds, again.
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