Any English speakers here ever use an (online language learning app) to learn a foreign language?

Reply Fri 28 Jul, 2023 09:15 pm
Any English speakers here ever use an (online language learning app) to learn a foreign language?

After doing some research, I discovered that a handful of (online language learning apps) appeared most frequently.

In alphabetical order, here are the following apps that appeared most frequently in my research:
1. Anki
2. Babbel
3. Busuu
4. Duolingo
5. Memrise
6. Mondly
7. Pimsleur
8. Rocket Languages

Has anyone here ever use any of these popular (online language learning apps)?

Has anyone here ever use any other (online language learning apps)?

Lately, I have been seeking out various language learning apps to see which one might work best for me.

One other thing, my goal in learning any foreign language is to be able to verbally speak the language and understand hearing the language.

While researching I came across a term I never heard before called "Sentence Mining"

After finding out what "Sentence Mining" was all about, that had peaked my interest.

I've been looking for any app that uses the "Sentence Mining" learning methodology.

Please share your experiences. Share your preferences. Share your pros and cons.
Share your opinions about any particular language learning app.
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Reply Sat 29 Jul, 2023 12:31 am
@Real Music,
I studied languages in classrooms, way before there was such a thing as computers. Sometimes all day for months.
Real Music
Reply Sat 29 Jul, 2023 01:34 am
1. Many years ago, as a teenager, I took a course in High School learning language the old traditional way.
2. Back then, I did poorly in that High School course.
3. Because of that experience, I don't believe that the old traditonal classroom training would work for me.
3. I just couldn't grasp learning a foreign language that way.
4. Decades later, I tried self study language books and got much better results.
5. The one downside to learning language from self study books is you can never be sure of your (pronunciation). There was no audio just paper books.
6. The age of the internet opened up a whole new world of language learning sources and language learning methods.
7. I've already briefly tried three different online language apps.
8. Each one, I got something out of it.
9. But, neither one was quite what I was looking for.
10. Through trial and error, I know what techniques and methods would work for me.
11. I just have to find a source that teaches the particular techniques and methods I am looking for.
12. I haven't yet found a source that teaches my preferred methods and preferred techniques.
13. One other thing. I've also click on various youtube videos that teaches languages.
14. The upside to youtube videos is you get to learn and hear correct pronunciations.
15. The downside with youtube videos is that they are random. They aren't actual courses.
Reply Sat 29 Jul, 2023 02:19 am
@Real Music,
There is a series of audio only courses called Learning Spanish Like Crazy. I didn't exactly learn Spanish, but is worked better than anything else I tried. Don't know if it's still available.
Region Philbis
Reply Sat 29 Jul, 2023 05:52 am

yup, it's still available ...

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Reply Sat 29 Jul, 2023 10:54 am
I have used various methods. I have studied Italian, Greek, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Mandarin, to varying degrees of success at the time. Of course, once you don't use it, you generally lose it... although my ancient Italian came in useful a couple of times while on holiday or assisting someone in the library.

Recently I have been using "Spanish with Paul", and "Spring Spanish", which talks about using 'chunks' to learn. I haven't found a Spanish channel on either tv or radio to listen to, and listening is critical in learning. In some countries, the Spanish drop the 's', so 'dos' (two) is just 'do'. That makes it quite confusing. Likewise, I recently heard the French have dropped the 'pas' in 'ne pas' - apparently you now just say 'ne'. Je ne sais, instead of je ne sais pas. Hard to keep up. Also, some Spanish is pronounced differently from country to country, as it 'pollo'. In Uruguay, it's pronounced 'pojo', whereas in Nicaragua, it's 'poyo'.
Real Music
Reply Wed 2 Aug, 2023 11:26 pm
1. I am using the online (pimsleur) language learning course.

2. So far, I really like the course and the teaching methodology.

3. I think this is just the type of course that will work best for me.
Reply Thu 3 Aug, 2023 12:41 am
@Real Music,
I've heard of it. If it came with a cassette version, I may have checked it out from the library. Whatever I had was actually pretty good. Sadly, I don't have a gift for languages. After two years in Germany, I was able to get food, lodging, and transportation. That was something like fifty years ago, so forget that!
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Reply Thu 3 Aug, 2023 08:29 am
@Real Music,
I'm using Duolingo now to work on Spanish, but I studied Spanish when I was younger, so I have a leg up on vocabulary. It's fun, but I'm not far enough along to find myself making Spanish sentences during the day.
Real Music
Reply Mon 7 Aug, 2023 04:07 am
1. At one point, I did briefly try the Duolingo.

2. I didn't find Duolingo to be the type of app I was looking for.

3. Recently, I've been using Pimsleur app.

4. So far, the Pimsleur app is precisely what I was looking for.

5. I find this app to be very beneficial and a good learning tool.

6. It should take approximately five to six months for me to finish the course on the Pimsleur app.

7. So far, I am loving this app.
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Real Music
Reply Mon 7 Aug, 2023 05:44 am
1. I am finally getting a real grasp of the language I'm learning.

2. I now, look forward to my daily lessons on the app I recently started using.
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Reply Mon 7 Aug, 2023 03:39 pm
Duolingo has a podcast in Spanish for learning students. I'm going to try that soon.
Real Music
Reply Mon 7 Aug, 2023 05:32 pm
1. I know someone who have been using Duolingo to learn Spanish for the last several months.

2. He is keeping up his streak.

3. I have tried various different sources, on and off, for a couple of years to learn Mandarin.

4. Learning to engage in (everyday casual conversation) in Mandarin is my actual goal.

5. I don't have any interest in learning to read or write in Mandarin.

6. My motivation is to learn how to speak and understand what I hear in everyday casual conversation.

7. There are many different sources to learn languages.

8. It's just a matter of preferences and a person's individual goal.
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