What are your thoughts and opinions of movie remakes and reboots?

Reply Thu 20 Jul, 2023 02:22 pm

What are your thoughts and opinions of movie remakes and reboots?

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Reply Thu 20 Jul, 2023 10:46 pm
They're usually inferior. A notable exception is "The Bourne Identity" which was a 1988 film.

And let's not forget sequels and prequels.
Real Music
Reply Thu 20 Jul, 2023 11:17 pm
They're usually inferior. A notable exception is "The Bourne Identity" which was a 1988 film.

1. I am a big fan of the Bourne movies.
2. I never knew there was a Bourne Identity movie in 1988.
3. I just went ahead and looked it up on Wikipedia.
4. Wikipedia says that it was a made for television movie in 1988.
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Reply Thu 20 Jul, 2023 11:19 pm
@Real Music,
Idk, kinda interested in the new Wonka prequel. Hated the Johnny Depp version and I'm hoping this is a better take on the original Gene Wilder character.

Real Music
Reply Thu 20 Jul, 2023 11:32 pm
1. I'm not really sure when I actually saw the Gene Wildner version of Willy Wonka.
2. I think I saw it in the early 1980s on television.
3. I sort of remember some of the movie, but I probably forgot much of the movie.
4. I never saw the Johnny Depp version.
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Real Music
Reply Thu 20 Jul, 2023 11:40 pm
1. The 2012 reboot of (Total Recall) was terrible.
2. I definitely preferred the original 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger version.
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Reply Fri 21 Jul, 2023 06:39 am
@Real Music,
I always see sequels, remakes, and reboots as reflecting a lack of imagination combined with a focus on profits. As a result I never view them. Just one example – The Taking of Pelham 123 (1974) was an excellent movie, reflecting the mood of the city at that very time. I've simply never had any interest in seeing the 2009 remake. The atmosphere of a post-Seinfeld NYC can't supply the dystopian grittiness that infused the original.
Real Music
Reply Fri 21 Jul, 2023 08:51 pm
1. As long as the plot and storyline stays interesting, I'm okay with watching sequels.

2. Some sequels have terrible plots and terrible storylines.

3. I saw (Coming to America) in 1988. I enjoyed watching that movie.

4. When the sequel (Coming to America 2) was released in 2021, I had absolutely no desire to see that movie. I still have no desire to see that particular movie.

5. I saw the movie (Top Gun) in 1986. I also recently saw the sequel Top Gun Maverick.

6. In this particular case, I enjoyed the sequel Top Gun Maverick more.
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Reply Sat 22 Jul, 2023 12:04 am
I hated the original.

Roald Dahl wanted Spike Milligan to play Wonka.

Gene Wilder isn't fooling anyone.
Reply Sat 22 Jul, 2023 03:57 am
@Real Music,

Some remakes are garbage
Some are gold.

Honestly I do not care. Sometimes the original seines suck as well.

Take "Kingsmen" which is gold by all means.
Take "Kingsmen 2" which is even more gold.

But then came COVID and "Kingsmen 3".

A. They bashed Rasputin and his dancing and made him into a cartoon.
B. They clearly had the Jew Money-lender operative manipulating war. I have nothing against that which could have been the entire movie.
C. They made the presidents window wide open when he had a lady in his office. I mean omgsh Prez commits adultry it is the end of the world.
D. The only part of the movie that was fun was father getting revenge on his son. And the flash-back romance. That is it.

The fact they did A and B is what made me felt robbed. They tricked me out of my time and money to see garbage and propaganda.


Dumb and misses the point. Same with Videogames.

What they are doing is erasing the past and causing disharmony among the consumer base. I remember being myself. Now myself is considered wrong.

Take the videogame translation of "Mystical Ninja 3' on the SNES/SFC.

One LGBT cry-baby tried so hard to get attention because they did not like the dialog ( freedom ) over something from the 1990's because it mentioned a term for a person who is pretending to be another gender. Like a guy dressed up as a girl. Then a bunch of other well known videogame peeps joined in to bash the translator.

So instead of brushing it off and giving them all the finger. They just announce they just quit. This person has been translating from the late 1990's.

We are literally living in a USSR mind-police state.


Take " Evil-dead". When they did the original Evil-Dead they made it unique
but it was already like a comedy so the next movie ( ED2 the remake ), they made it a comedy, which was stilll horror but it was amazing horror. The third movie actually made sense and was even more of the previous. Then they did the tv series which was okay. Kinda meh and the videogames which was and is always funny and enjoyable to a point.

But then they did two remakes in the last couple of years. The first one was kinda lame because they dissed Anime and made Ash a girl. The second ( Rise ) made it a continuation but different actors with different names. It is more like they made a movie for the sake of making the moives... like how "Galaxia"
a space-scifi-drama-comedy like got turned into an adult-movie ( like one of those movies that does not hide sex ), with cheap special effects. If they made a Galaxia then they could just continue it, and not erase the past and pretend "it did not happen".


Take "Little Shop of Horrors". The whole point of the original was to show off "people who are no good" and while it was discriminating in my opinion did a far better job of being entertaining. The writing made sense like somebody was trying to stress a point while making it something joyful.

The people killed/murdered are

A Tramo ( Bum )
A thief
A Dentist
A Lady of the Night ( prostitute/hooker/harlet )
Semore - A useless putz who just needed some self-a-steem coward murderer.
The Plant - which was the closest thing to being a person of African decent, with barely any vocals.

What stands the test of time is that 1930's Olive-Oil ( Audre ) was a beauty. She was coming on to Se-more. Makes me think of highschool or college girls I knew. I could use me some Olive-Oil.

When they made they remade it into a musical and then the movie they went with a "Grease" vibe in fictional 1950's.

They made Audre into a dumb-blonde/innocent blonde over-sexualizing her.
Made the dentist into an evil gangster guy to be bullied into marrying Audre.
They turn al the deaths into musical numbers.
Made the plant into some person of African decent doing musical numbers.
It was beautiful but it is nonsense.


I could imagine them making the plant into god zilla next-time around, or a rapist.

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Frank Apisa
Reply Sat 22 Jul, 2023 05:08 am
Remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still was okay. I kind of enjoyed it. Not sure why Klattu decided not to destroy humanity. Made more sense to wipe us out, but...

Remake of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers sucked in my estimation.

Generally, I am willing to view any remake.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sat 22 Jul, 2023 07:14 am
Spike would have made it darker. That's the version I want to see.
Reply Sun 10 Sep, 2023 11:33 am
@bobsal u1553115,
I am surprised that nobody has mentioned "The Godfather". One was pretty good. Two was exceptional. And Three was an afterthought
Reply Tue 12 Sep, 2023 09:38 am
Phoenix32890 wrote:

I am surprised that nobody has mentioned "The Godfather". One was pretty good. Two was exceptional. And Three was an afterthought

What is The Godfather a remake of? Keeping in mind that being a literary adaptation isn't the same as a remake.
Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2023 07:32 am
Babes in Toyland
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