Amazon Service has gone to heck

Reply Fri 3 Mar, 2023 05:25 pm
Oh I did have a fit, I ordered two Harley shirts and the tracking said it would be delivered on Saturday, then all of a sudden it said Monday the 6th when they are both at work. And again I paid the extra shipping but weekends do not count. Confused
Reply Fri 3 Mar, 2023 10:54 pm
MMarciano wrote:

You know he not only mothers those two but fathers them as well. I think Morgan feels guilty that his father never sent his brother any gifts so he's doing it. Mike's father wasn't in his life so Morgan is trying to fill his shoes, he sends him gifts at least twice a month and Mike keeps telling him to stop and he never listens! He's a nut.

I thought the same thing too! Morgan feels guilty for having had this generous loving father around for his formative years and Mike got the short stick so to speak. Making Mike and his wife part of your life and spending time with them is probably all they want. Morgan needs to be careful with the presents, it can get embarrassing for them if he keeps it up.

Good to hear from you too! I know you probably miss your family in FL, but it's so much better living in SoCal, isn't it?
Reply Sat 4 Mar, 2023 10:34 am
Yesterday I ordered two seed heating mats and when I opened the door to get my paper this morning, they were here! I've never had a problem with deliveries. Maybe you need to move to the Frozen North Smile
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Reply Sat 4 Mar, 2023 01:29 pm
Thanks Jane, I love CA compared to Florida. My sister and mother have been out several times before Covid, they won't fly right now. Morgan does feel guilty and anger, he's angry his father wasn't in Mike's life and never even sent him a birthday gift and Morgan never did either because he never knew Mike existed. I think he's been trying to make up for the years they lost.

I pop in every now and then,,,, mostly to read to see what kind of trouble Morgan has started Rolling Eyes I've been so busy since the beginning of Covid and seen enough death to last a lifetime. I almost quit the medical field several times but couldn't because we were so short staffed and people were sick.

It's slowed down a bit now but it's not over by a long shot!
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Reply Sun 5 Mar, 2023 05:46 pm
If you think up something to post such as advice, take my advice and just don’t do it. If you understand what you are meaning to say, then you might be the only one that does understand.
Reply Sun 5 Mar, 2023 09:03 pm
I know. It almost looked like English - but not quite.
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Reply Mon 6 Mar, 2023 12:05 am
All of you in the medical field are heroes !! It was such a nightmare during Covid and without your help, many many more people would have died!
We all salute you and applause you for your dedication and sense of duty!
You can be proud of yourself!
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