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Reply Sat 4 Feb, 2023 03:16 pm
I think I posted this in the Relationship forum by mistake... sorry

There is an episode of a show called Psyche where someone uses the word "arabesque" in the script. When I looked up the word it did not make total sense how they used it. I can sort of see what he meant but it seems like he was stretching the meaning (no pun intended).

There was an incident where adult Shawn walked in on his father and ex-wife, Shawn's mother, having sex. Shawn was horrified.

Here are the quoted lines where "arabesque" was used:


"Shawn doesn't come
around much these days.

Nope, not since the incident.

More than fair.

Look, Shawn, what happened between
your mother and I that night

was completely natural
and arabesque.

Oh, God.

Shawn, you saw
your parents shagging?


He's still not ready
to talk about it"

So "arabesque" is a ballet position or a frilly or lacy ornament or style.

Are there other meanings of "arabesque" that are not necessarily in the dictionary or that might be an urban dictionary meaning? Please discuss this with me.

Thank you!

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Reply Sat 4 Feb, 2023 03:49 pm
Maybe the author had Shawn's father commit a mild solecism in order to make him appear foolish or intellectually pretentious.
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Reply Sat 4 Feb, 2023 07:49 pm
Well judging from the use of the word and when the show was aired most likely
"arabesque" means "natural" or "Frugal".

You have to remember since the modernization/mordern-age ( 1920's ) marked the end of discovering new world. You have to think "Lawerence of Arabia" or
the post 1800's.

The west had "Orientalism" and the US had "American Orientalism" which was actually spread across the entire Americas. People integrated ideas and themes from places like Instanbul, Ottoman, North Africa Region, Mediterranean, India, along with other nations. It was all the rage and could be seen in fine-arts, plays, television, media, garments, and actual speak. A great example is the integration of a Pajamas, or womens-night-gowns, or those hats. This theme among many ( upon many ) ideas was popular up till 2001 ( World Trade Center Bombing in Manhattan, NY ( NYC ).

Because of the amount of propaganda from 2001 Orientalism has became less
popularized. "Arabesque" was most likely one of those words that came from
the popularity it had over the world. We are talking about from 1800's-2001, mentality.....................normal.

In fact Orientalism has little or nothing to do with the far-east ( Mainland Asia ). Maybe South East Asia but as far as that go the answer is a big N0. However in far eastern nations they would think differ.

It is like if I said "The Majestic" which means by all purpose "normal". It is like you want somebody or something to be normalized and not commercialized or have influences that is pulls into religion, race, or culture.

AKA "Normal" or "whatever" or "meh". Between a mother and father expected to pump out babies for the nation, and children walking in on their parents humping and pumping each other like maniacs is "normal".

Unless we are talking about a film like "society".
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Reply Sun 5 Feb, 2023 04:26 am
Arabesque also means something inspired by Arabia.

The track Hassan I Sabbah by British band Hawkwind could be described as arabesque.

It's also a 1966 film starring Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren.

However, I think it's Americans trying to use British vernacular and failing. The term shagging, is not American, and whoever wrote the line arabesque probably misheard something on the telly, or when they were over here.
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