Social Consequences

Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 12:33 am
What are some of the social consequences of guns being accessible in America?
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Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 02:01 am
What do YOU think they are?
Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 09:07 am
We're both fortunate enough not to be subject to the tyrrany of the 2nd ammendment.

The life of a child is more important than some pathetic loser's need to feel important by strutting around with a gun.

Our children are safe from NRA childkillers.
Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 09:19 am
Yes, we are both pretty safe in our countries. Some in the USA are completely out of control.
Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 09:25 am
More than one mass shooting a week this year.

It's insane.
Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 09:54 am
And any old place - fast food outlets, churches, playgrounds, schools, of course, festivals, sporting events... you name it. I wonder if there's a map of mass shootings somewhere. I'd like to see where the majority of them are happening. I think I'll search for that.
Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 09:59 am
This shows a great deal of information on mass shootings in the US since 2006. By far, the majority have been in the east and south.


And here's another good source.


And this one blew my mind.

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Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 10:22 am
Woke up to a localish story about a man torching houses and waiting as the residents exited, shotgun already pointed. He killed three before the cops got him.
Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 10:30 am
omg... sick, sick, sick!
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Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2022 01:41 pm
We need guns. It is just there. The problem with guns is the mental construct of people. Not the rights to have them, own them, or whatever.

Like take how rap-music labels ( which is owned and managed by tons of Jews, who are white as any other European of a religion that teaches people that any non-Jew is a lesser being ), showing off the "gang-ster lifestyle in comparison to a homeless person who is a drug-addict wondering the streets looking for cocaine with no-hard-on.

Clearly we look at the mentality of these people and clearly it is not anything of any joy at all. It is grooming, enlisting, brainwashing, sabotaging people into being low-lives equal to the English term "Niggard".

That is why we have fear of guns. We remove the rap-hip-hop culture. We remove all the due-rags, braids, and just dress up men like men in pants and shirts and woman like women in dresses and skirts. Only then we have normality.

But then when it comes to the opposite sex. You have people who worship the garbage. They do not care about you being a person able to have income, hold a roof over your head, or that you love them. They want you to be some tough guy ready and willing to be arrested for nothing.

I am so sick of it. That is the root of the "Gun-scare"


Then we have the school shooter bs. People do not seem to understand that all school shooters are basically the same mentality. They are able to be over achievers being out-cast for leading peaceful lives. They show the world how much of a tough and powerful person they are. Then we go "omg how could you". When a father says "I would kill him myself" is there any real love in this world.


Bottom-line selfishness is the norm and everybody is in denile. They say "Just lie down and give yourself a self abortion" they say "do not even try".
They say "Look at the date your too late" and the truth is that if we keep letting these losers tell us that we are losers how can we be winners.

You know the most sickening person I could think of? The person that just comes to you in your victory while you played "Little Red Hen". Nobody told you was special. Nobody cheered you on. Nobody help bake your cake. But they all want to have part of it. They make fun of your life, they make fun of who you are. Then you get somewhere and they are impressed. I say #@$#@$ that person. I say "where was you". I say toss that $#@42$ u#$@ker off the grand-canyon and be done with them. I say "I did what you ask of me now leave me alone stranger" to the point of changing your name.

Your lost and nobody cares at all. Nobody looks for you but they could waste time throwing up fecal-matter in your face. I say "stay away from my children you godless inhuman soulesss scum of a being" because I am too tired to have this false sense of victory while you $#$#@ucked with me.


Let me tell you something. All my life I have been outside late night and early mornings why haven't anybody fire their weapon at me? Maybe because the kind of people I hang out with are not street minded brainwashed alienated morons.


We do not have a problem with people who are working within the laws of guns. We have a problem when people with a certain kind of mentality get a hold of guns.


I come home late at night. I have $4000 worth of equipment on me. I see two people at the front of my park-gate, talking. avoiding them I hear the sounds him being beaten up. Point being I moved away from them.

It has become clear to me. The same people you see who are called the conservatives are the same people dealing the illegal drugs, weapons, and prostitution rings. They look like some ideal football player who is tall and probably have skills and time practicing martial arts. They are doing this illegal activity as a side-gig.

The reality you have too many young adults ( teens ) no matter what race who are somehow inspired to commit crimes. They are brainwashed, they are tricked and eventually falls out in life.

I do not blame the gun that killed my superintendent of my building I lived in. I do not blame the gun. I blame his daughter who is way too old to call daddy to look for her. That he could have call the police to zone on her location first-hand. I blame the fact that his fear and hate of the police he could not just call them first
and have them go in. I blame his daughter for standing their while this guy shot her and she did nothing at all.

I do not blame the gun. I blame the mentalities behind the gun.
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Reply Fri 7 Oct, 2022 06:38 am
"I do not blame the gun. I blame the mentalities behind the gun."

That's very nice phrase. In my opinion, guns themselves aren't the problem, it's ease of access from people who should be held away from the guns. But instead of that mob mentality is "ban all guns and then everything gonna be sunshine and rainbows". Well, it won't be.
What we should be doing is creating a system that puts guns into right person's hand and keep them away from wrong hands. That's it.
Reply Fri 7 Oct, 2022 07:03 am
What sort of warped mind classes gun control as mob behaviour?

It's like opposite land where you are, mobs are all about passing legislation while orderly public meetings consist of armed patrits storming the Capitol Building.

Over here we call that batshit crazy, gun control works and we're forever grateful for it.
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