Verizon and ATT Customers Sue T-Mobile

Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2022 06:25 am
The interesting story today is Verizon and ATT customers suing T-Mobile because their rates went up.

Rehashing an old argument used by fourteen state attorneys general and the District of Columbia AG to try to stop the merger from happening (which obviously failed), said "group" is seeking "declaratory relief" and financial compensation for a "precipitous" decline in competition since the big four US carrier club switched to an even bigger three arrangement.

Basically, these Verizon and AT&T customers consider T-Mobile responsible for a recent inflation of "quality-adjusted prices", as the nation's top three wireless service providers no longer have much reason to "compete as vigorously" as before for subscribers.

As if that didn't sound ridiculous enough, the class action lawsuit filed in Illinois federal court aims to represent "all persons or entities who paid for a Verizon or AT&T mobile wireless plan on or after April 1, 2020", which is a lot of people.

While the plaintiffs are not citing any third-party research in support of their accusations or mentioning any specific action taken by Verizon or AT&T after April 2020 to increase "quality-adjusted prices", it's hard not to link this lawsuit with the two carriers' recent rate hikes and "economic adjustment charges."

Of course, it's pretty silly to blame T-Mobile for that when the "Un-carrier's" customers haven't received a similar treatment, getting instead a bunch of new perks and benefits at the same old prices, as well as stronger and stronger incentives to ditch Verizon and AT&T.

Of course, normally, if the business you are using raises prices, you would look to see if the competitor is offering something better or cheaper and in this case, they are. It's hard to say there is no competition when T-Mobile is holding the line on prices and actually offering more benefits, but rather than go to ATT and Verizon and say "we're going to change services", they are suing T-Mobile. Feels like something out of Better Call Saul. It's also ironic because one of the biggest reasons Verizon's fees have come down over the last few years is because T-Mobile has been very aggressive about offering low fees and improving service.
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Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2022 05:40 pm
They are suing T-mobile for equipping customers with better options and prices?

T-mobiles marketing?
T-mobile amount of coverage?
T-mobile merging ( owning ) with
MetroPCS ????
T-mobile allowing you to have free Netflix ???

What is T-mobile doing wrong?

The way I see things is that T-mobile is actually trying to gain coverage so that maybe ( Just maybe ) we could have highspeed internet 24/7hrs and not be limited.

Verizon ( aka former Bell Atlantic ) and At&t ( UNIX was made under them ) are just jealous of the fact that fact that nobody cares about them anymore unless your an Apple-user or enjoy 3G speeds.

I mean Verizon was a stupid name from day one.
At&t is so out of date, so 1991, I mean what are they going to do make a new version of UNIX that is not OSX???
Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2022 06:51 pm
Their argument is that by merging with Sprint, they reduced competition. The linked article has some detail.
Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2022 10:57 pm
Whatever happened to the old argument that the phone company needed to be broken up for 'ahem' better rates and competition. Of course I'm talking about something that happened years and years ago, and now our phone bills are almost one fifth of our income. Hardy har har to us, thank God we don't put up with monopolies.
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Reply Fri 24 Jun, 2022 02:00 pm
I love t-mobile! Used Verizon for 15 years and they didn't do squat for me,
on the contrary. T-Mobile is cheaper, has better customer service and better offers. What's not to like? Ah yeah, if you are Verizon or ATT, you are screwed.

ATT contributes to anti-abortion venues - never would consider them again for any thing!
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Reply Sat 25 Jun, 2022 10:29 pm
It is clear that Apple devices are unlocked for other services outside AT&T and Verizon ( Bell Atlantic East ) and these original "land-line users" feel left out despite being the two original companies.

What about Cricket ? Is Piggy Backing off T-mobile wrong too

It is like the RoadRunner internet service uses ( Owned By Time Warner Cable which renamed itself ). These people are literally from that era,

Or even the AOL mail users as well. ( Because that is all what AOL is now ).

I mean omgsh what is next ??? The Magic Jack users??? or some randome VOIP service provider.

Their is plenty of competition.
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