Black People in Video Games

Reply Mon 28 Mar, 2022 05:29 pm
Do you know any? There is one in Freedom: First Resistance. A bright man really good with computers.
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Reply Mon 28 Mar, 2022 09:16 pm
From time to time I've actually played a few video games with nephews, but I find them uninteresting and time consuming. It was strictly a social accommodation to keep them entertained so for personal enjoyment I avoid them. I'm not opposed to the whole concept, just am not interested in playing the games myself.
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Reply Thu 2 Jun, 2022 07:44 pm
I did make a list but again it is kind of limited. I am not even going to bother. However the characters are out there.
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Reply Sun 9 Apr, 2023 10:17 pm
Not many that I recall, though the African American population is on the order of 15% by population so I always struggle with commercialization and race inclusion. I mean it makes sense to have everyone represented, but not sure it is evil when it doesn't...just targeted marketing imo. I see more inclusion recently fwitw.
Reply Mon 10 Apr, 2023 07:07 am
Horizon Zero Dawn has all races represented.
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Reply Mon 10 Apr, 2023 07:03 pm
It is not about that, but the marketing. When sanybody makes something it has be true and not "forced marketing". Take that RPG, "ShadowRun" SNES.
The person who purchased the rights to the videogame literally wrote in that character. He had a more orangish, tan to his skin and relatable hair. Then they just flat out made him a white ( pale ) ginger, with ginger hair ( like Kyle from SouthPark ).

Any idiot who played the original games clearly knows it takes notes from "Cyborg II", and "Total Recall" but the flat-fact is that because some "Klye" literally brought the rights ( and integrated Israel ancient artifacts in the game like that vacation commercial ) to the game they completely omitted the "melting-pot" of the 1990's and spot on just made characters that was extremely direct towards which race, rather then a random salad as it should have stayed.


Take the game ( I just discovered ) called "Huntdown". A beautiful dedication to a film like "Bronx Warriors" ( or the "Warriors" which is kinda meh ) or "Bronx Warriors 2:Turkey shoot" along with "Death Wish". This game is clearly "Diversed" but not in the positive light as we would think but only the "fictional history" it represents. You think "Gangs-1980's" you think a bunch of tann dudes, from a whatever-race from all walks of life. It fits in with the whole entire scenario.


That is the problem with videogames in general. The mentality of the person making the game itself. The biggest problem is thinking "racist" or "Brainwashed" or "Whitewashed" where the majority of the world has been introduced to films featuring people of lighter complexion and there is barely any films that shows persons of darker complexions in a positive light.

That is what we are after. Not some

Blonde snowflake, tween or teen
Wallstreet newyorker guy
Arnold Swatneggar yargh yargh yargh
Martial arts videogame comic movie
Jew pretending to be the above

That is all ( if not most television ) has been like for the most part. Crap like
"Dirty Dancing" or "_____ Angel"


The only reason why videogames have been spared ( or anything tech related is because ).

1. Most of everything was made by horny tech boys with money
2. Been compromised by vagina.
3. Or is from Japan.
4. Then the minority trying to make something but ____ it turns out to be stereotyped.

Look at "Yo-Joe" from the Amiga. Great game with a diverse cast members.
What is about?

1. A pair of ex-military
2. Who are homeless, over a fire-made-from an oil can
3. Who ladies been kidnapped or something
4. By the forces of WTF badguys.
5. Then it ends with there pretty girl faces meeting the Joes.

Oh wait not one of the characters could be described as African-related
asides the one-girl who has hair like "Kid" from "Kid & Play", and the guy
with bones in his nose like some kind of wild-man.

That is how dumbfounding it is to even make this argument.


What happens is that people need to make stuff up, and just randomize their characters. Not make them detailed like some Mainland Eastern Artist from the CCP which clearly has racism, discrimination, and all kinds of bs going on there. Because that is the kind of idiot who goes "it needs to look like a photograph" or some kind of bs, because they are so insane.
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