HP computer is extremely slow (to the point of almost being unuseable)

Wed 9 Mar, 2022 02:50 pm
I have a Windows/HP computer that has been EXTREMELY slow for the past year or so, to the point where I'll avoid using it. It's extremely frustrating to even print a simple document, and last time I used it I timed it...

It took me over 30 minuets just to open Google Docs. Over 15 minuets just to turn the computer on, almost a full minuet for the log in prompt to even show up, around 5 minuets just for all of my applications to appear on my screen and almost 10 minuets just for Google Chrome to start up! Then making a google search was extremely slow, and loading the Google docs program took a few minuets as well. Obviously, this is way, way, slower than any computer should be.

I've tried everything, restrting the computer, unplugging it and doing a force reset, even deleting a ton of my unneeded files to free up space. It's still just as slow.

The computer is about 4-5 years old, so pretty old, but I don't feel like that's old enough for this to make any sense.

Don't have the money for a $1000 computer right now. Anyone have any advice?
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Wed 9 Mar, 2022 02:56 pm
@Kayster ,
I can't help, but I have similar problems. I'm also using HP. I have an old Dell that runs under Windows 7, and is many times faster than the HP under windows 10. No more HP for me.
Wed 9 Mar, 2022 03:02 pm
That's kind of what I was wondering too, if other people have this problem. I've said multiple times I'l never buy an HP computer again but didn't know if this was like a me problem lol and just a problem with my specific computer ... Thanks for letting me know
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Wed 9 Mar, 2022 03:05 pm
@Kayster ,
I haven't used a PC in many years, but did so for work for 20+ years. From what I remember, we used to have to 'defrag' it from time to time. Why not call a computer repair place and get some suggestions? Or google the problem. There may very likely be youtube videos on how to do it. I understand your laptop is slow, but you could look up the question on your phone. It could also have a virus so you could spend 60 hours (!) downloading MacAfee or whatever is used these days, then running it.

Don't your parents ever help you out with this sort of thing? They'd be the first I'd go to. They may not know what to do, but you're still their dependant and you need this laptop for school, so they should pay to fix it or help you figure it out.
Wed 9 Mar, 2022 03:17 pm
@Kayster ,
It is possible to create a boot disk or USB with Linux on it. You can boot from there and it will be lightning fast. Here is a search page with various links for instructions.


You can buy ones already made. Here is an example link

This will boot up your computer on a fast operating system but will not change anything on your computer today. You can get on the web, do Google Docs, etc and leave when you are done. I've done this to an old, slow computer of mine.
Wed 9 Mar, 2022 03:44 pm
Thanks for the reply
The computer is the main house computer in the living room, yes I often use it for school. It's not a laptop.

My Mom doesn't know anything about computers. We've both told my Dad about the issue but he doesn't use it and he's kind of just pushed it off and done nothing about it.

I've looked up the issue on Google and basically it just told be to do a force reset which I did.
Thu 10 Mar, 2022 11:28 am
@Kayster ,
Maybe try engineer's suggestion. He has experience on an older, slower computer, too. Other than that, can you use the computers at school or the library?

Alternative: ask your dad to sit down with you at the computer and show him how slow it is and tell him how much you NEED it for school. Maybe seeing it in living colour will help.
Thu 10 Mar, 2022 01:34 pm
Omg I didn't even know that existed, thanks

I'll check with my parents to see if we can do this.
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Thu 10 Mar, 2022 01:37 pm
Pretty much the only thing I need this computer for is when I need to print something, which is decently often since I'm half online. The rest of my schoolwork I'm able to do on my school issued chromebook. My Mom needs it very often for work or banking though, and she's the main one who's being effected by it, but like I said she knows nothing about computers.

You're right, maybe I should tell my dad to try and preform a simple Google search so he can see how slow it is.Not sure how much he can do, but I know he has a lot more computer knowledge than anyone else in the house.
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Fri 20 May, 2022 06:21 pm
@Kayster ,
1. Somebody mentioning booting from external drive, usually we need solid state ( ssd ) drives in modern machines, and I would download this program called Windows 10 PE and back up your operating system to an external drive of some sort.
2. Maybe the computer needs new material between the processors and heatsink. That material wears down over time and five years is a consumer generation
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Sat 8 Oct, 2022 03:17 pm
@Kayster ,
Windows PCs have an inbuilt monitoring console to show you what programs and processes are running, consuming most resources. It is highly probable that something HP installed or something you downloaded and installed is causing an issue.

You need to locate the problems and fix them one by one, really.

Windows PCs have always been notorious for getting clogged up and becoming unresponsive due to viruses (that run processes consuming resources) and crapware (trash and unwanted software) that comes along with internet downloads (sometimes without the user knowing), or through bloatware (poorly coded software that slows your PC down) installed onto machines by vendors such as HP.

If you're new to it, it'll take a bit of researching to understand how to do it without breaking stuff, but 100% worthwhile to get the machine back to a very useable state.

How to do it:

If you're experiencing issues with your computer, one of the first places you can look to for help is the Windows Task Manager. The Task Manager can show you what processes are currently running on your computer, as well as how much CPU and memory each process is using. This can be helpful in identifying which processes are causing problems.

To open the Task Manager, press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right-click on the taskbar and select "Task Manager" from the menu.

Once the Task Manager is open, click on the "Processes" tab. Here you'll see a list of all the processes currently running on your computer. Take a look at the "CPU" and "Memory" columns to see how much each process is using.

Use Google to research each process before you decide whether it should be stopped or not.

If you see a process that is using a lot of CPU or memory, or both, that could be the cause of your problem. Try ending the process and see if that fixes the issue. If it does, you may want to research that process further to see if it's something you need or if it's safe to remove (and how to remove it safely).

There are more things you can do but this is a good starting point.
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