My daughter has told me that she has been sexually active with her 12 year old step daughter

Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2022 02:54 pm
My daughter and step son 6 and 7 have told me that their 12 year old sister/step sister has been exposing touching and penetrating them for 3 or more years. My daughter and I have left the relationship, my step son is still there and mom is in complete disbelief . Should I be calling the police? my daughter is in counseling, but hasnt shared with her therapist.. I am the only one she has spoken to. Stepson is denying it has happened now. i have some video evidence.. I am positive this has happened.. i have caught the 12 year old exposing herself, she has even done it to me..

the kids were all having fun until I sniffed it out.. Then the 12 year old started threats and blackmailing.. there has been inappropriate photos taken, as well as the theft of prescription pain meds that were intern forced on the kids..

help please.. what to do

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Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2022 02:56 pm
Of course you should! Why would you hesitate? What she's doing is a crime, for Pete's sake! She needs help and so the the younger two.
Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2022 03:41 pm
Hi thanks for replying. My ex has made me out to be crazy and got a no contact order based on a false police report. Grandfather is a retired family judge. I fear this is already being turned around on me and made out as though I have created all of it. I need to be careful
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Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2022 03:43 pm
Yes, you need to do something.

And recognize that the early onset of these behaviors may be a sign that she was sexually abused by someone else.

Can you talk to your ex about therapy for the 12 year old girl? Whatever the circumstances of your breakup, you should both be on the same page when it comes to this.

If your ex needs convincing, tell her the truth-- that if these behaviors persist, the 12 year old may try it on someone outside the family whose parents call the cops.
Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2022 09:24 pm
Hi Jepah

This was the reason for the break up. actually .. She gave me a three month notice. Took her kids to their fathers. We were dealing with the accusations of the 12 year old exposing herself. We were awaiting on outside support.. Get this.. nothing was available because we were told that we were already doing everything correctly...They would only intervene when we made a mess of things We hit a dead end. couldnt get to the next lvl of support because we had to have a referral front lower down.. We awaited counseling, privately. Set up some house rules. That when I noticed the intimidation starting. Mom was already reacting badly. the 12 year old was very sneaky and realy good at it. the young ones were a mess.. I put up a camera, wasnt recording. little light was n though.. it stopped it for a while. I new there was more to it. one day both the young ones openly shared with mom about the exposing. untill then ,it was only with me. They were terrified of her knowing??? She asked th 12 year old if she wanted to stay at her dad for a couple days. and she did. During that time. the littles confided in me a bunch of other stuff. including touching. Mom was planning on the 12 year old returning in a couple days. I hadnt been sharing all the intell with her at this point. Every time I did, she managed to snafu and fubar it .. and I was loosing the kids trust and any hope of getting to the bottom of things.. Mom was 110% positive that I had lost my mind and projected my delusions onto the kids.. When I got knowledge of the touching, i had to say something and ask that the eldest did not return home until we had more info on the subject.. legally, socially .. it blew up.. thats when i got the eviction notice.. anyways..bad turned to worse.. then disaster.. no contact order and homeless..

there is so much more... to much to right down..

My kid is pissed off. My step son. has flipped. .survival of course.. mom is the only one that doesnt know whats going on.. Or DOES she?? The eldest has pretty much told me that I lose.. ha ha.. I failed my son .. told him I would protect him and never leave him.. Ex is making me out to be crazy... I have a very precarious situation..

I am the only one that the kids have spoken too..

Its killing me

Beat Dad Dead
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Reply Fri 25 Nov, 2022 08:47 am
Damn, it's very cruel and the situation looks extremely dead-end. Perhaps you should talk to her, but if she continues to blackmail you, it is best to contact the police or the child custody authorities.
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