How to deal with extremely strict parents as a teen?

Reply Fri 25 Feb, 2022 12:51 pm
It definetly sounds interesting, and actually I was kind of intruiged when some recruters came to my school. Although I'm not sure it's the best fit because I'm not physically fit, like, at all. I don't know how it would go.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the idea and honestly think it could be good for me. I concidered getting involved with the army a year or so ago but I ultimatly decided it probably wasn't for me. I'm just worried I wouldn't preform well and it would stress me out. But who knows, I could be wrong.

I don't know what to expect or how any of that goes so I can't really say. But I'd definetly need to get into shape first.
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@Kayster ,
They don't give you time to get stressed. Work hard, fall in the bunk at the end of the day, sleep like the dead, repeat. Now you will be sore and exhausted and convinced you can't get up the next day, but you will and you'll be better for it. Not that I'm trying to sell you on it, but lots of youths have used the military to grow up when their home situation wasn't optimal.
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@Kayster ,
They will get you in shape.

I remember my older brother signing up for the marines. He was lazy as a high school student...wouldn't do his school work or anything ... He was talked into signing up for the marines on one of their visits as he was 18 his senior year they were going to take him after graduation. My lazy skinny long haired brother who pretty much slept through life signed up for the toughest branch of the military... What was he thinking? Well he had second thoughts and proceeded to fail his classes so he would not graduate... You know what they took him any way.

During basic training he kept writing home saying how hungry he was so my mom sent him all sorts if snacks and stuff. When he completed basic training and flew home we went to the airport to pick him up. Where was my brother after seeing people getting off the plane...my parents did not recognize him he had changed so much...funny I did because he looked like my brother when he was younger and we were close...he had a crew cut then and was clean shaven and everything. And he wss no longer skinny he was muscular and strong...he looked good. They whipped his lazy skinny butt into something entirely different.

Yeah it will be easier on you if you are more physically fit, but if you aren't don't worry you will get there.
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Reply Fri 25 Feb, 2022 01:54 pm
@Kayster ,
Check out the Air Force as well. Find out what the weight requirements are and go from there. The Military has a wealth of opportunities for young people.
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Reply Fri 25 Feb, 2022 02:18 pm
Sounds interesting, I'm not sure if I'll give it a go or not, but it's something I'll concider.
Reply Fri 25 Feb, 2022 02:41 pm
@Kayster ,
About that ‘being in shape’ thing…
Just find out what the height and weight requirements are to get in.
Trust me, half of the new recruits show up to basic in less than great shape.
It’s a mental thing - once you make the commitment in your own mind that you’re going to try, they are there to get your body into shape.
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Reply Sat 30 Apr, 2022 04:06 am
@Kayster ,
Hi Kayster,
I understand your situation. Don't worry. Maintain a positive attitude in any complicated issue in your life. Everything will be ok.
Some parents fail to recognize the maturity growth of their children. So, they always have advice and opinions about their children's life. The reason is their overwhelming love for their children. But, the strictness becomes intolerable in some cases like your life. In such cases, you will try to open your mind to your parents. Say to your parents: "I feel depressed because of your over- strictness. I want some freedom and happy life with my parents."
Open communication with your parents will help you to solve your worries.
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Reply Fri 20 May, 2022 05:38 pm
@Kayster ,

It is a game, just play it. The day your parents try to push some stranger on you to get married to is when you could stop playing the game and abandon all hope.

I am not going to fight parents. Your 16 so technically they have say over you. However my advice is just to play their game. Study, make sure you save your money, learn to drive and swim. Try occupying your time with HS or local events, and times in between going and coming to schools or whatever.

Honestly the internet has nothing of interest to learn about anything. Trust me all these people will die and new ones will replace them. I do not want to sound like a terrible person but your missing nothing.

Again they are trying to keep your mind clean. Your thinking "My parents suck" when you should be thinking "how do I save and invest so I am able to make income later on".

Honestly become a surgeon, change your name, and pretend you never had any parents. That is a solution. They are trying to keep you on the straight and narrow.

I do not want to say this but they are trying to do their best.


That does not sound so strict. The world is nothing but stupid and selfish people. There is no way to escape them.
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