A new hypothesis about the origin of gravity!

Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 04:38 am
I have been thinking these days about the origin of gravity and here is my hypothesis:

Every celestial body is moving through the space and this motion bears the force of gravity. The force is directly proportional to the mass of the body and its velocity. Thus, it can be expressed by F=k m v.

m is the mass of the body, v is the velocity and k is a constant.

The Earth has a huge mass and is travelling through space with a huge speed of 108000 km/h (so it is said). I think that the enormous mass travelling with an enormous speed tends to pull to itself the bodies which happen to find themselves in its close vicinity, thus enlarging its mass and consequently its force.

Of course this is just a thought, a hypothesis which is not supported by anything. Actually I am strongly against hypotheses. I believe that every hypothesis is very far from the truth. Our spirituality is still on a baby’s level to understand this life and this Cosmos.

Then why am I writing this? Only to tell you not to believe in any hypothesis.
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Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 05:04 am
@Mitko Gorgiev,
Talk to Jaspar 10, he has his own views on gravity and magnetism and loves to argue the toss with anyone.
Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 11:08 am
This coming from an atheist (me) but I just think God went to Costco and bought all of the gravity in one bulk purchase. Really great deal. She initially went to Costco just to get all of the free food samples then saw how cheap the entire universe’s of gravity (per unit cost). What a deal! What a wonderful at whim purchase!
Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 11:20 am
I went to Costco. I paid a membership fee only to find that its offers weren't any better than the local discount store which didn't require a fee and took credit cards.

When my membership expired I left it at that.

So did God btw, I saw in the Co-op just last week.
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Reply Sun 13 Feb, 2022 09:58 pm
What are the units for k?
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Reply Sun 13 Feb, 2022 11:39 pm
@Mitko Gorgiev,
Gravity? …..What is gravity?

Here is another theory for you……electromagnetic fields were around at exactly the same time as big bangs and big crunches.Why do electromagnetic fields have to come after big bangs? That is just a guess based upon modern day science’s HALF logic science/philosophy…..which incidentally starts off with the assumption/guess that good is bad and bad is good at the philosophical level and then continues on into its science with 0/1…1/0 only logic.This is the foundation for all modern day scientific equations…..What about 0/0…1/1 logics?…don’t forget them.The magnetism theory doesn’t.

The magnetism theory is a better theory than the gravity theory because it is a full theory that allows for all 4 off logic combinations 0/0…0/1…1/0…1/1.Ha Ha …..This stuff does izzy’s head in.

The magnetism theory states that the cosmos (macro/micro) operates due to electromechanical processes which produce the above 4 off +/- logic force combinations.This is confirmed by the 4 off possible interactions we observe when you bring two magnets together.Therefore nature confirms the legitimacy of the magnetism theory.

The magnetism theory is a full theory that can explain big bangs and big crunches.The gravity theory is a half theory that can only explain big crunches.

The magnetism theory is therefore a better theory than the gravity theory.

The magnetism theory states that as electromagnetic fields were around at the same time as big bangs/big crunches then this is the reason things spin in the cosmos thus producing the electromagnetic effects which result in the 4 off possible force interactions that explain big bangs/big crunches.

The faster things spin the greater the magnetic force produced.
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Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2022 07:53 pm
@Mitko Gorgiev,
Sciency sounding nonsense. The track record for people who do physics without math isn't good.
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Agent Smith
Reply Sun 27 Nov, 2022 11:21 am
@Mitko Gorgiev,
I like the hypothesis - novelty points awarded - but it needs more work. Compare your hypothesis with those of some professional scientists. What's your task at hand mon ami?
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