How to Be a Film Director (Director Theory, With Four Films)

Sat 27 Nov, 2021 07:00 am
Every film, if it isn’t a documentary, is a gay rights film. A gay man, is empowered, through watching it, to reference it, but in a broad, oblique manner, making the creator money, by getting it referenced in a history book. The money, of course, is from briefly removing their anal fixation on defecating on others, by making school children look at it in books – however, outside of the range of the traditional constraints that bind us normal human beings.

Here are four favorites, as examples, with analysis.

American History X, is a gay rights movie, equating homosexuals, to people of color, that want to kill heterosexuals for having prison inmates in the family that aren’t homosexual social care workers without jobs as such.

Revenge of the Ninja, is a gay rights movie, where a ninja, pretends to defeat a fan of another movie, because the ninja is gay as an Asian for watching American film, and needs to prove he is straight to get married, by pretending to win.

James Bond 007, is a gay rights film, where a British child that nobody likes, becomes the source of free money, by accusing a kid of pimping, that doesn’t want to **** a lesbian that the British child thinks is straight.

Tank Girl, is a gay rights film, where a gay man can solve the world’s problems before the world is destroyed, by thinking like a female soldier that “totally rocks”.
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