High court divided on gay sex ban

g day
Reply Wed 31 Mar, 2004 06:59 am
Well I will step in with my views. I have followed this for some months and argued on two seperate forums for posts that went for over 22 and 30 pages respectively (the one still going is below).


I see the debate is still going strong, and the central theme for the anti-gay requal rights group is still:

"We believe in our God so we get more rights than you do".

Its hidden by saying well marriage is a scared thing by God - which it isn't - it predates Christian theologies by millennia, and there are over 5,000 religous faith systems with a diety different from that of Christians.

Its hidden by saying Gays are unnatural - ignoring about 11% of the world and all animal kingdoms populations studied appear to be gay.

Its hidden by the constitution is morale and morality come from God so the constutition should retract freedom if it conflicts with the suspected individual morality of the forefathers signing the constitution - very hyprocritical.

Its hidden by saying gays seem aggressive and pushy today - probably the way Indians seemed pushy to the first white settlers.

Existence, God, creation and intelligent life can be argued equally strongly saying it was either all Gods will (faith) or it was simply random chance (quantum physics and evolution). Both paths get you exactly here today given sufficient time.

God allows free will - anti-gay christan groups don't, God says don't judge - as does your constitution say all men are equal - the anti-gay group wants that retracted or amended, the High Court (Mass.) upholds what is fair for all - you call them radicals and want them quashed.

Is it the Christian society that is upset here or is it the descendents of the same white settlers that wiped out 99% of the native indians looking for new targets of opportunity?

Didn't Jesus actually command "love thine enemy"?
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Reply Wed 31 Mar, 2004 08:53 am

I like your Orwellian summary. "I believe in God so I have more rights than you do."

Perhaps non-believers are come of the Creatures of Earth that Adam was given dominion over?
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Reply Sun 13 Jun, 2004 08:50 pm
Is not there supposed to be legal separation of church and state? Take a look at serious oppression of race, in this country, where all are equal. That is an unfunny joke. We are not equal at all, even today, but making better steps toward it.

I am a bit sick of the religion sector making laws for US citizens to abide by. This is not separation of church and state, if you look close enough. It is a tolerance problem with people feeling superior, not willing to give to others not so fortunate.

If this is a country of equal opportunity to all, as it should be, why were black people oppressed, for years? They were, by not today, thankfully. Anyone thinking Affirmative Action was reverse discrimination is correct, but think of the outcome before judging to quickly. This gave an a oppressed race opportunity to join the American Way, even if not qualified. What do you think these black parents will teach their children? I have an answer to that, work and get an education.

Although Affirmative Action has it's flaws, it gives opportunity to an oppressed race to give their children a future of equal qualification. You have to give them a chance, even if unfair to the white culture of today, to ingrate their race and their children's future.

What about gay people? I feel this is another intrusion of church and state. Gay couple should be allowed to marry. I am so sick of hearing criticism as to medical benefits or SS. I would love for someone to tell me what straight couple legally gets married for this reason. They don't. They only get married for money for an immigrant to be accepted as a US citizen, last I heard. That is now coming to a stop.

Marriage is a legal bond or why would we need a lawyer to settle our divorce? The same goes for same sex partners. I feel this is a serious problem with division of church and state. Allow, under law, for any same sex couple to marry. Allow them the dignity of being a serious couple, joined in marriage, not the disrespect of a live in.

This is another Bible Thumping wrong, not allowing same sex partners to marry. There really is supposed to be separation of church and state. When are we going to see it and allow freedom this country stands for?
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Reply Sun 15 Aug, 2004 03:29 am
euchrelover wrote:
And with saying that I don't think she is going to heaven either..( Just my point of view) I really hope i didn't affend anyone, this is my story and my opinion on same sex relationships/marriage Exclamation

I have to make a point similar to the one BumbleBeeBoogie made. On rare occasion a child is born with both sets of chromosomes. What of such people? Do they not have a right to live happily, to marry, and have children? If so, who do they marry? For those people it's not a simple matter of saying "well this one's a boy, so he's got to grow up and marry a girl"(or vice versa), they a bit of both so marrying someone of either gender could be construed as homosexuality.
Homosexuality isn't a choice, it's a way that some people are born. Do you honestly believe that teen girls and boys would CHOOSE to be beaten up? Why do you think it's called "being in the closet", and "coming out"? People hide their homosexuality because they are seriously threatened, and eventually they have to tell because they are so unhappy living a lie. Yet, you think they choose that. No, if you believe in a god that made all things, you have to believe that your god made your sister as she is. Yes, the sex act is a choice, she could choose to abstain from sexual activity but does that mean she should spend her life alone without a family of her own.
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Reply Wed 18 Aug, 2004 11:52 pm
I'm going to get right back on my soap box about gay marriage!

What difference does it make, in a country with freedom of religion or freedom to opt out of religion completely, whether being gay is a personal decision or a genetic disorder??

I strongly feel the Bible thumpers need science to prove that being gay is genetic, in order to live and let live. Get the Bible out of the government now! There is no need at all to scientifically prove whether gay marriage is legitimate, as some sort of brain disorder, to condone these physically deranged people to marry.

What happened to Separation of Church and State? Why do gay people need a reason to anyone to marry? They shouldn't ever, in a free country. I feel this is ethically wrong. This preaches bias and hatred of the different and has no positive influence on society at all.

Would someone explain to me why gay people must have a organic brain disorder to make them an exception to free choice? Why shouldn't they be allowed to marry, only because they wish to?

I am straight, with no bisexual tendencies or curiosity. I have the freedom to marry and divorce as many times as I wish. My choices are valid, but a gay couple has to be a physical disorder, not choice? Give me a break! Give gay people a break, while you are at it.

There are many religions around the world. Who says Christianity is a correct interpretation of a higher being? You can say that gay people will rot in Hell all you wish. Are you so sure about this? You shouldn't be!!

Get this, you may be the one to rot, not them, for making their lives miserable with your Bible thumping and condemnation, which I don't believe that even Christianity teaches.

I would love to hear valid reasoning that gay people should not marry, beyond the Bible, given Separation of Church and State. Lets hear it!!
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