Are we living in Hell?

Reply Sat 28 Aug, 2021 11:14 pm
As a person goes through life and gains wisdom, knowledge, friends,
family, a personality, regrets, careers, wealth, retires and dies.....is that it?

Using a V8 engine analogy: At birth you have one cylinder, two entering
Elementary School, three in Junior High, four in High School, five in
College, six starting a career, seven getting married, eight in retirement;
consequently when you finally have all eight cylinders firing the rug is pulled
out from under you and you die!!!!!

So, if there really is an almighty God that created the Human Race, to me this is a
cruel and sick joke. Or, is this something the Devil might pull by letting you
build up your life to the fullest and at that very moment, pull the plug!!

I just can't believe God would allow all this wisdom, knowledge, personal
experiences to just disappear into nothingness.....it seems like an absolute utter

Over-the-years I’ve read about so many people that had careers spanning decades
that were just hitting their peak for developing a new technology or medical breakthrough,
only to have them die prematurely…...this is sooooo sad, and it almost seems like it’s
by design as a punishment from the Devil?

So, are we living in Hell? Or, is it that God is just playing a cruel, sick joke.
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Reply Wed 1 Dec, 2021 10:49 pm
So because basically mostt of the religion threads have been commented on (by me) I'll take a crack at this.

Heaven and Earth are not places but states. We are told that Earth is a planet, but this is a lie to distract us from seeing our proper place in the universe.

We shouldn't see ourselves as a tiny speck on a huge universe but as the central focus of God's interest. The forces of darkness in this world wish to degrade and enslave humanity, to turn us all into slaves. To convince us we are beneath consideration, and anyway that God is dead or nonexistent.

So perhaps a good antidote would be to explain what Earth and Heaven (and Hell) actually are. Heaven is a state of bliss when one is unity with God. Earth is a state of balance; it's a world that is united with God but is in a temporary state of disunity. The actual name of this world is Eden. That's right, Earth is a word built over top of the real world, and most of the evil of this world is from this state where humans are in separation. But when you look at the natural world, things are not as evil as we humans seem to think.

Now the Earth is like a seesaw, where good and bad events happen. This is like a slice of Heaven or Hell, love or loneliness. So, yes, in a manner of speaking we are living in Hell. But there are also segments of Earth that are more like Heaven. Look outside at those cute little birds and stuff. Do thety care about COVID? Nah, our media stuff goes on and on, but they don't pay any attention. They are untouched by "global warming/climate change" or our claims of a "global pandemic." There are no dogs are squirrels dying of our so-called diseases, the natural world is part of God. So is perfect love.

Lastly, let's talk about Hell. It's not in the Bible; in fact, the Bible tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of God. In other words, those at war with God are deceived. They believe that separation is eternal, that punishment is lasting. We are punished by our sin, not for it and not by God. This is a delusion, one that the physical world gives us. For example, if my parents were to die, I would face the isolation and sadness that this world leaves in their wake. I'm not confident I'd cope. Oh sure, I have a few skills and could probably survive, but I have few acquaintances outside my family. This life would basically be a mess. But there is a life to come where I would rejoin them.

The only real Hell in this world is to be tricked into believing that there's nothing after this life. To live in the despair of this mortal life.
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