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The Anointed
Reply Mon 12 Jul, 2021 11:18 pm
@The Anointed,
Previous post: It would have been under one of the other names I use, on the many christian forums from which I have been banned, mainly because of my opposition to the belief of the so called virgin birth.

They say that tears are good for you
Especially when you're old
Because, they wash away the dirt
That stain the windows of your soul.
So, when you gaze upon the inner me
Through my windows crystal clear
Understand they once were stained with filth
And washed by blessed tears.
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Reply Mon 12 Jul, 2021 11:23 pm
@The Anointed,
Okay, thanks.
The Anointed
Reply Mon 19 Jul, 2021 02:34 am
"Llewellyn And His Dog" by Hon. W. R. Spencer

The spearman heard the bugle sound,
And cheerily smiled the morn;
And many a brach, and many a hound,
Obeyed Llewellyn's horn.

And still he blew a louder blast,
And gave a louder cheer:
"Come, Gelert, come, why are thou last
Llewellyn's horn to hear!

"Oh, where does faithful Gelert roam?
The flower of all his race!
So true, so brave -- a lamb at home,
A lion in the chase!"

'Twas only at Llewellyn's board
The faithful Gelert fed;
He watched, he served, he cheered his lord,
And sentinel'd his bed.

In sooth he was a peerless hound,
The gift of Royal John -
But now no Gelert could be found,
And all the chase rode on.

And now as over rocks and dells
The gallant chidings rise,
All Snowdon's craggy chaos yells
With many mingled cries.

That day Llewellyn little loved
The chase of hart or hare;
And scant and small the booty proved,
For Gelert was not there.

Unpleased Llewellyn homeward hied,
When, near the portal-seat,
His truant, Gelert, he espied,
Bounding his lord to greet.

But when he gained the castle-door,
Aghast the chieftain stood;
The hound all o'er was smeared with gore --
His lips, his fangs ran blood!

Llewellyn gazed with fierce surprise,
Unused such looks to meet,
His favourite checked his joyful guise,
And crouched and licked his feet.

Onward in haste Llewellyn passed --
And on went Gelert too --
And still, where'er his eyes were cast,
Fresh blood-gouts shocked his view!

O'erturned his infant's bed he found,
The bloodstained covert rent,
And all around, the walls and ground,
With recent blood besprent.

He called his child -- no voice replied;
He searched -- with terror wild;
Blood! blood! he found on every side,
But nowhere found the child!

"Hell-hound! my child's by thee devoured!"
The frantic father cried;
And, to the hilt, his vengeful sword
He plunged in Gelert's side!

His suppliant looks, as prone he fell,
No pity could impart;
But still his Gelert's dying yell,
Passed heavy o'er his heart.

Aroused by Gelert's dying yell,
Some slumberer wakened nigh:
What words the parent's joy can tell,
To hear his infant cry?

Concealed beneath a tumbled heap,
His hurried search had missed,
All glowing from his rosy sleep
The cherub-boy he kissed.

Nor scathe had he, nor harm, nor dread --
But the same couch beneath
Lay a gaunt wolf, all torn and dead --
Tremendous still in death!

Ah! what was then Llewellyn's pain,
For now the truth was clear;
The gallant hound the wolf had slain,
To save Llewellyn's heir.

Vain, vain was all Llewellyn's woe;
"Best of thy kind, adieu!
The frantic deed which laid thee low
This heart shall ever rue!"

And now a gallant tomb they raise,
With costly sculpture decked;
And marbles, storied with his praise,
Poor Gelert's bones protect.

Here never could the spearman pass,
Or forester, unmoved;
Here oft the tear-besprinkled grass
Llewellyn's sorrow proved.

And here he hung his horn and spear,
And there, as evening fell,
In fancy's ear he oft would hear
Poor Gelert's dying yell.
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Reply Mon 26 Jul, 2021 01:15 pm
Alice was fed up with sitting on the bench next to her sister and lazing about.
She glanced at the book her sister was reading once or twice. Unfortunately,
there were no pictures or conversations in the book. "What is a book worth -
Alice thought - in which there are no conversations or pictures? "
Alice was just thinking - or rather trying to think because
the heat made her very sleepy and sluggish - is it worth the trouble of picking daisies in order to make a wreath of them? Suddenly the White Rabbit with pink eyes ran right next to her.
There was actually nothing unusual about it. Alice was not surprised
even hearing too much Rabbit whispering to himself, "Gosh, gosh,
I will be late for sure. " Only when the Rabbit took his watch out of his vest pocket, he looked at it and set off on a rush, Alicja
she sprang to her feet. It occurred to her that she would never
before that, she had not seen a rabbit in a vest or a rabbit with a watch.
Burning with curiosity, she ran across the field behind the White Rabbit and managed to notice that he had disappeared in a large hole under the hedge. So she crawled after him into the rabbit hole without thinking about it,
how to get out of there later.
The burrow was initially straight like a tunnel, then turned downhill like this
suddenly that Alice could no longer stop and fell into a hole like the mouth of a deep well. The well was apparently as deep as it was

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland (fragments)
The Anointed
Reply Fri 30 Jul, 2021 10:05 pm
@garnek ,
'We're All Australians Now'

Australia takes her pen in hand
To write a line to you,
To let you fellows understand
How proud we are of you.

From shearing shed and cattle run,
From Broome to Hobson's Bay,
Each native-born Australian son
Stands straighter up today.

The man who used to "hump his drum",
On far-out Queensland runs
Is fighting side by side with some
Tasmanian farmer's sons.

The fisher-boys dropped sail and oar
To grimly stand the test,
Along that storm-swept Turkish shore,
With miners from the west.

The old state jealousies of yore
Are dead as Pharaoh's sow,
We're not State children any more —
We're all Australians now!

Our six-starred flag that used to fly
Half-shyly to the breeze,
Unknown where older nations ply
Their trade on foreign seas,

Flies out to meet the morning blue
With Vict'ry at the prow;
For that's the flag the Sydney flew,
The wide seas know it now!

The mettle that a race can show
Is proved with shot and steel,
And now we know what nations know
And feel what nations feel.

The honoured graves beneath the crest
Of Gaba Tepe hill
May hold our bravest and our best,
But we have brave men still.

With all our petty quarrels done,
Dissensions overthrown,
We have, through what you boys have done,
A history of our own.

Our old world diff'rences are dead,
Like weeds beneath the plough,
For English, Scotch, and Irish-bred,
They're all Australians now!

So now we'll toast the Third Brigade
That led Australia's van,
For never shall their glory fade
In minds Australian.

Fight on, fight on, unflinchingly,
Till right and justice reign.
Fight on, fight on, till Victory
Shall send you home again.

And with Australia's flag shall fly
A spray of wattle-bough
To symbolise our unity —
We're all Australians now...... A. B Banjo Paterson.
The Anointed
Reply Tue 3 Aug, 2021 03:16 am
@The Anointed,
A wild and woeful race he ran
Of lust and sin by land and sea;
Until, abhorred of God and man,
They swung him from the gallows tree.
And then he climbed the Starry Stair,
And dumb and naked and alone,
With head unbowed and brazen glare,
He stood before the Judgment Throne.

The Keeper of the Record spoke:
“This man, O Lord, has mocked thy name.
The weak have wept beneath his yoke,
The strong have fled before his flame.
The blood of babes is on his sword;
His life is evil to the brim:
Look down, decree his doom, O Lord!
Lo! There is none will speak for him.

The golden trumpets blew a blast
That echoed in the crypts of Hell,
For there was judgment to be past,
And lips were hushed and silence fell.
The man was mute, he made no stir,
Erect before the Judgment seat. . .
When all at once a mongrel cur
Crept out and cowered and licked his feet.

It licked his feet with whining cry.
Come Heav’n, come Hell, what did it care?
It leapt, it tried to catch his eye;
Its Master, yea, its God was there.
Then as a thrill of wonder sped
Through throngs of shining seraphim,
The Judge of All looked down and said:
Lo! Here is one who pleads for him.

And who shall love of these the least,
And who by word or look or deed
Shall pity show to bird or beast,
By Me shall have a friend in need.
Aye, though his sin be black as night,
And though he stand ‘Mid men alone,
He shall be softened in my sight,
And find a pleader by My Throne.

“So let this man to glory win,
From life to life salvation glean;
By pain and sacrifice and sin,
Until he stand before Me…..clean.
For he who loves the least of these
(And here I say and here repeat)
Shall win himself an angel’s plea
For Mercy at My Judgment Seat…..The wonderful Robert Service.
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