Is freewill biblical or something we invented ?

Mon 5 Jun, 2023 02:58 am
It’s not vague meaningless nonsense izzy.

Modern day science is vague meaningless nonsense that has failed by observation.
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 03:07 am
There is no point talking to you.

You make outlandish claims with nothing to back it up.

You cannot even articulate what you mean.

It's a circular argument because you don't understand anything.

I have better things to do than point out how stupid you are, only for you to misunderstand everything.

I'm done with you.
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 03:10 am
You are trying to defend idiot scientists who’s theories have failed catastrophically by observation izzy.They are no authority at all izzy.

I am not making outlandish claims.

Their theories have failed catastrophically by observation.
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