Triangle of lights paradox

Reply Fri 18 Dec, 2020 03:20 pm
There are 3 lights in the form of a triangle. A, B, and C are lights and are stationary with respect to each other. S1, S2, S3 are spaceships.

S1 S2

A S3 C

The ships are moving clockwise. S1 is moving from A towards B. S2 is moving from B towards C. S3 is moving from C towards A. A, B, and C flash simultaneously in their frame of reference. So in the frame of reference of S3, A flashes first followed by C flashing. In the frame of reference of S2, C flashes first followed by B flashing. In the frame of reference of S1, B flashes first followed by A flashing. So the sequence of flashing is A, C, B, A. But wait! A flashed first. How can it flash last? How can A flash both first and last?
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Reply Fri 18 Dec, 2020 06:12 pm
S3 is moving
Towards A
Tangential to B
Away from C

S1 is moving
Towards B
Tangential to C
Away from A

S2 is moving
Towards C
Tangential to A
Away from B

This seems pretty straightforward to me. There is no paradox here.

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Reply Mon 15 Mar, 2021 11:19 pm
There is obviously a problem here. Let's say there is an observer looking down at the triangle of lights and is at rest with respect to the lights. From his frame of reference, the lights flash simultaneously. At this moment, he sees S1 at the midpoint of AB, S2 at the midpoint of BC, and S3 at the midpoint of AC. S1 concludes that B flashed before A. S3 concludes that A flashed before C. So if B flashed before A and A flashed before C then B flashed before C. There is a paradox at S2. S2 must conclude that C flashed before B since S2 is moving towards C and away from B. It has just been shown that B flashed before C. That's a paradox.
Reply Tue 16 Mar, 2021 07:56 am
In which frame of reference do you think there is a paradox? If you are noting that the order of events is different in one frame of reference than it is in another... that's not a paradox. That is the point you are having trouble accepting

You are one of the most mentally capable of the anti-scirnce posters here. And, you are doing a lot of work. You are clearly capable of understanding this.

Why don't you spend this time actually learning real Physics?
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