Struggling to work out this context!

Reply Mon 27 Jul, 2020 06:05 am
If Whitehall is 6, Mayfair is 5, Bond Street is 3, Coventry Street is 2 and Trafalgar Square is 1. What is one of the possibilities for 4?

I immediately thought Monopoly but cannot make a connection!
Reply Mon 27 Jul, 2020 06:14 am
Me too, voted you up so it will get more attention.
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Reply Mon 27 Jul, 2020 07:42 am
Had a look at London's Monopoly board and found that it's a snooker-related question.

Whitehall is a 'pink' property - the pink ball is worth 6 points in snooker. I checked the others and they matched up (Bond St is green; green ball = 3 and so on).

The brown ball is worth 4 points in snooker. Looks like the brown properties are OLD KENT ROAD and WHITECHAPEL ROAD.
Reply Mon 27 Jul, 2020 07:48 am
Well done, I had no idea, now it seems really easy.
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Reply Mon 27 Jul, 2020 08:04 am
Brilliant. Thank You.
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