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Thu 16 Jan, 2020 09:52 am - This is a cryptic type of question rather than a literal one! At two annual conferences, some interesting conversations could be observed. At one conference, former presidents Ike and LBJ were... (view)
Mon 6 Jan, 2020 11:19 am - I wish it was that easy but the connection is/was something specific between these four counties. I wondered if there was a link perhaps to Christmas (with the quiz being set at that time of year)... (view)
Tue 31 Dec, 2019 02:01 pm - What connects both Surrey and Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire? (view)
Tue 31 Dec, 2019 01:50 pm - Struggling to find the context of this sequence: Glasgow Inverness Edinburgh Exeter Bath South East London? (view)
Tue 31 Dec, 2019 01:46 pm - In November 2019, Jimmy Lee Williams won a certain title under what name? (view)
Mon 4 Nov, 2019 09:59 am - In the 20th century what links a sandy place, two household managers, a hypnotist,a prince, a servant, a sweetheart,a hairdresser, a whistle-blower, a soldier, and someone whose instructions must... (view)
Sun 27 Oct, 2019 08:10 am - 1. Scottish mountain moves less? 2. Register moorland first? 3. Puncture pop twins with grandmother? (view)
Mon 9 Sep, 2019 10:12 am - Sorry, this is how the question was set. It has got me flummoxed! (view)
Mon 9 Sep, 2019 09:09 am - After 4 folk albums released under their original name this pop group found commercial success in 1970 in a different direction and with replacing 12 letters of their name with a full stop - which... (view)
Mon 9 Sep, 2019 08:35 am - Semi - cryptically which dog separates Chile and Argentina? (view)
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