Am I a lesbian? Non-Binary & Polyamorous POV.

Reply Tue 7 Jul, 2020 08:14 pm
Hello :3

I'm a 23-year-old, non-binary person. My pronouns are He/They. I'm also polyamorous and I believe in sharing love with individuals, separately. I think these things are kinda important to consider in reference to my sexuality!

Since I was young I always thought I was open to loving everyone. I identified as bisexual as early as 7th grade- but I was never able to dream or romanticize about men, the same way I would with women. I hoe'd out when I turned 18 for a year with a buuuunch of different men but could never experience the same lightness and passion that I had experienced with my long-term girlfriend in highschool. I could fantasize about a what-if situation but was never fully satisfied in one part or the other of the relationship.

After that year, I told myself I would date someone who was nice after being tired of getting my feelings hurt by non-romantic partners. I met my long-term partner of four years after that and I have loved them unconditionally ever since. They are also non-binary but neither of us expressed ourselves as NB at the beginning of our relationship. A year into it I came out as poly because I had developed a HUGE crush on one of my close friends. I also still dreamed about women and knew that I would feel incomplete if I could ever be with a woman every again. I also had a tendency to cheat when I was younger and made out with my friends a loooot. :p

Sometime two years ago during some hardships, I began to wonder if I had settled for this person just to feel kindness for a little. I realized that the idea of settling could not exist for me because I could not choose how much I loved this person and if I didn't love them as much, I simply would not be with them. I have been confident for a while now that they are one of my life partners and I could never part without them.

I am now thinking I may be a lesbian. I could never see myself dating a cis-male, but am definitely attracted to masc presenting and non-binary people just as much as I am attracted to femmes. I always thought I could love everyone but 23 years into this bitch, I now know that is not true!

So I guess I am asking, am I lesbian? Can I be a lesbian if I love masc, femme and non-binary people? I know there are non-binary lesbians out there but I don't know how far the lesbian parameters reach.

If you're not a lesbian or cis-gendered, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! Experienced babes only <3

Please feel free to link any resources you think may help me out. I already read the Am I Lesbian master doc which made me just more confused!!! I really need a QUEER POV!

Thank you!!! <3

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