Where did all the antimatter go?

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Scientists have pondered the question of why the universe, which we observe, consists mostly of matter with no antimatter visible. The accepted scientific theory is that matter (particles) can come into being out of nothing, in the form of a matter and antimatter particle pair. These two particles would however immediately interact with each other and annihilate each other.
It is assumed that during the Big Bang event, this same process happened, but that the force of the Big Bang was such that the particles were able to move far enough apart from each other so that they could no longer interact with each other (and therefore not annihilate each other).
Still, the antimatter has disappeared (we don’t observe it anywhere), so the debate is what the process was that caused a lot of matter to remain behind after all the antimatter had been annihilated, presumably by an equal amount of matter! I have a theory that differs from all the waffle that I have read so far regarding this matter.
Science had predicted for a long time that antimatter should exist and the first recorded observation of antimatter, occurred way back in 1932. The author was observing particles arriving from outer space. He built a little cloud chamber, and the charged particles left little contrails while travelling through the chamber. He found a particular particle that had the same energy and mass as an electron, but his magnets next to the cloud chamber bent these particles in the opposite direction to electrons. So these were positively charged electrons, Positrons, the antimatter of electrons.
One of the strange things he observed was that the contrails left by the Positrons seemed to form from the bottom up, instead of in the normal way from the top down. It was concluded that this strange behaviour was observed because the particles were moving backward in time! In other words, because the particle moves backward in time, it reaches the exit of the cloud chamber BEFORE it enters the entrance!
Science generally accepts this explanation, but despite the 90 year old evidence to the contrary, science maintains that this aspect is some esoteric property that only has relevance at the atomic level. I am astounded by the cavalier treatment of this stunning observation by the scientific community.
The evidence is clear; this is a REAL property of antimatter. What is more, it offers the clear and logical solution to what happened during the Big Bang! The particle pairs did not move far enough from each other to no longer interact with each other in SPACE. They moved far enough from each to no longer interact with each other in TIME! So a fraction of time after the Big Bang, all the matter would have been in a fraction of time AFTER the Big Bang, while the equal amount of antimatter would have been in a fraction of time BEFORE the Big Bang (and therefore no longer able to interact with each other). To those who will immediately say there is no such thing as “before the Big Bang” as time was created in the big bang; correct! But don’t think of time before the Big Bang as something that existed before the Big Bang! It is just another direction in time which also started with the Big Bang and has been developing ever since.
So in essence, the Big Bang did not create just one universe, it created two mirror image identical universes which both still exist today! So your first question would be “So why can’t we see this antimatter universe?” Well, we are here in this position in space, and we are at about 14 billion years after the Big Bang. The antimatter universe is also here, (it occupies the same space as we do) but it is in about 14 billion years BEFORE the Big Bang! So we occupy the same position in space, but in different time dimensions!
Is there any evidence to support this? Well it just so happens that there is! You see scientists have been observing gravitational effects which cannot be explained by the observed matter in the universe. Scientists were completely dumbfounded by this observation and also by the seemingly impossible properties that the matter that must be causing this gravitational effect must possess. So they have named this stuff “Dark Matter”. If you go and do a bit of reading about this, you will find such impossible properties awarded to this Dark Matter, that it is surprising that any scientist can actually believe in its existence. Matter just doesn’t behave like that!
My proposal above now resolves this issue. The incredible seeming properties can be explained by the fact that this matter (antimatter) occupies the same space as we do, but just in a different time dimension! Simple!
Scientists will immediately point out that according to their observations, there is a LOT more Dark Matter than there is matter in the universe, about 5 times more to be exact, and so my theory does not explain the amount of Dark Matter. Often these issues can be explained by the simplest solutions. My solution to the problem is that I believe there are more dimensions to time than just forward and backwards! (I am not the first person to postulate this, several scientists have proposed theories suggesting more dimensions to time, I am just quantifying them). For want of a vocabulary to describe these dimensions, let us call them “Left and Right” in time and “Up and Down” in time as opposed to the normal “Forward and Backward” in time. This gives us 6 dimensions in time which exist at right angles to each other.
So the proposal now is that when matter comes into being out of nothing, it doesn’t just appear as a particle pair, but rather as three particle pairs. Each pair consisting of the matter and antimatter particles in the particular opposite directions of time! So during the Big Bang, the event did not create just one universe as we have always believed, nor did it create just two universes as I postulated above, it created SIX identical universes, in three mirror image pairs!
All six of these universes occupy the same space, but they are separated in different time dimensions. These five other universes which occupy the same space as we do, are what cause the gravitational effects that we observe and have been calling Dark Matter!

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Where did all the antimatter go? The top-secret government-run facility where they hideaway and store the Ark of the Covenant, as documented in the muckraking documentary Raiders of the Lost Ark?
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Almost a year now and almost 500 views, and not one intelligent reply?

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