Canada, and it's problem with ethics.

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To exist in such a country (Canada) that disregards the concept of ethics on such a wide variety of scales. To the extent that an observation can be made using the sociological paradigm of the Hawkins effect, where the people inside of a country could be made to be instrumental in the culturing of a state built on broken chains of accountability (as people behave in different fashions when they either know they are being watched, or contrasted to their knowing the opposite). Thus in where ethics and the rule of law are (entirely) in contradiction to eachother. This being said in one instance with the "reasonable man" perspective (Where a jury of your peers at random selection are most likely to come to a similar or unanimous conclusion on the questioning matters of an ethical situation) Though in reference to the last statement. An idea standing with the intention of identifying the practice of ethics, rooting out it's development in early life. then having noted that come to the crossroads of being able to cultivate or reverse the initial equation. You can see that when tasked with the effort of making an truly unbiased ethical decision you've been "nudged" for decades to be opposing to the values of the state. Overall? My situation is that if you hear a child being sexually assaulted through your bedroom wall... you kick in the door and endorse a thoroughly violent apprehension of the man. with your smartphone depicting a scene from the mind of albert fish, your actions... regardless of the fact you can say you acted responsibly you performed better methods of documentation than police. When the fact you "Did commit an offense" in the eyes of Canadian law, be it... Assault and battery, break an enter, invasion of privacy or murder. (regardless of the vocal, situational and photographic evidence you present) the actions practiced by the state in developing a culture not in an effort of "right-and-wrong" legislature, but strictly in the causality of having the most people work the most jobs, with out in any particular way accomplishing anything by destroying the chains of accountability and in turn defy the people on a regulated scale from having a chance to become the "reasonable man" as the attributes they've been cultured into understanding are irregular to anyone elsewhere that could be noted as "reasonable" as in to not speak in opinion, use a position to imbalance all juxtaposition to people they have control over in matters of specified litigation. So as much as there can be places that allow you to break laws and be "acquitted" there is a place north of the united states that promotes the dysfunction on such a way that the culture of "breaking a law ethically" is to be noted as a further breach of common values if so you are from elsewhere. To scope the perspective of a people who've come to be known as "polite" but the notion cannot exist when a person cannot honestly be otherwise to people who know nothing of ethics.

As apparently you cannot make snide comments to scumbags. (that's "impolite") or fight them on the merit they've destroyed your community (that's illegal here) but they can sell drugs to your daughter who just turned 16 with their penis, so long as they don't get caught with them. (as witness testimony and reports mean nothing to crime rates, when the police do not arrest or convict people they see in having specified value in the community. To keep people scared that something could happen so they keep their jobs and to have the opportunity to meet your daughter themselves if their wife has a habit of going through phone conversations.

As well, can you say there is any sensibility in the practice of taking statistics when there is no reason to practice such a thing when you objectively use the dysfunctional operation of a country to manipulate those public statistics to create the illusion of safety to foreign nationals considering immigrating, when it's that they simply will not perform arrests or convict the people who hurt communities, but to hurt the people who hurt communities is a statistic they would find valuable in taking... as so, is in fact the definition of making an example of someone for the purpose of keeping the books clean. (nowhere is perfect)

Study investigations into the practices of Soviet Russian institutions. (you will see consistent similarities)
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