Reply Thu 27 Feb, 2020 02:32 pm
For the last number of years, e-mail has been a handy way to keep in touch, share information. I find that there is a problem with some people using e-mail properly. Here are some of my favorite beefs:

I have a relative who is retired, bright, and well educated. In her working years she held down high level professional positions.

Every day, without fail, I get a long list of e-mails from her. I once sent her something years ago, that was "for her eyes only". She forwarded it out the her entire mailing list. One of the people (who I do not know) took umbrage at my remarks, and sent me a nasty e-mail.

First, she sends e-mails to dozens of people, and they are not b.c.c.

She always uses "LOL" in many subject lines, so I have no idea what the e-mails are about. Usually, if I deign to open one, it is not about anything of which I would be interested.

She is constantly sending me many recipes, even though she knows that I cook very infrequently, and am limited in the foods that I can give my husband.

Right now my strategy is the judicious use of the "delete" button.

I do not want to start a fight in the family, but after a number of years, I am getting really bugged about this.


What are your favorite beefs concerning e-mails?
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Reply Thu 27 Feb, 2020 03:38 pm
Hiya Phoe!

My dad will send out emails to whoever, whenever. It took a lot of work for my brother and I to get him to create a separate mailing list for other people (I think my brother may have done that for Dad).

So, you're not alone.

The reply all feature - I swear it should give people an electric shock if they use it wrong.
Reply Thu 27 Feb, 2020 04:32 pm
Reply All.
It usually gives me nonsense which is of no interest to me. (Similar to the daily e-mails from Home Depot)

Although it no longer applies to me, the insufferable fools who think sending e-mails during the workday is okay. Unless it's an emergency or during the recipient's known meal break, then it is wrong to do. Send before or after the work hours.

...and never send a personal e-mail to the person's work spot.
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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2020 06:44 am
To me the biggest is knowing when NOT to use email.

Email can be very dangerous - tone and facial expressions cannot be seen so you need to choose your words wisely.

Anything that might be more difficult to communicate or could be misunderstood is better to be discussed in person or on the phone. If you go back and forth 2 or 3 times to clarify a point -- you need to pick up the phone and have an actual discussion.

NEVER deal with anything too personal via email.
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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2020 07:13 am
jespah wrote:

The reply all feature - I swear it should give people an electric shock if they use it wrong.

Absolutely. I'm on a tennis email list, a group of 30 guys or so. When you want to play, you send out a blast asking who wants to play and you are supposed to respond to the sender only. Never fails my inbox blows up. (But I like to play tennis so I put up with it.)
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