Should Healthcare Be Above Democracy?

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I said by state - and also referred to handling in a similar fashion for healthcare. I never referred to federal government.

And it is not anything to do with controlling what is taught - it is the fact that many states offer forgiveness of government students loans and/or other incentives like full or partial tuition being paid by committing to teaching in lower income school districts.

Since this is already in practice currently - would it make sense to model something like that for medical professions if it is deemed necessary?
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Appears I may be incorrect - it does look like a federal government sort of thing - I had just heard about it and my daughter was considering of perhaps going into education in science (since changed her mind) so I had told her about the program being offered in MA - but here it is on the FASA website:

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Linkat wrote:

I think it is different if you offer an enticement rather than dictate - that leaves the choice and freedom to the individual.

All the lending and promises of forgiveness leave room for people to fall through the cracks and financial exploitation to happen. People get lured into refinancing loans, and then lenders make a business of selling loans along to the next institution, i.e. trading paper.

People should just be able to get education by signing up for a specified income-tax surcharge that would be taken out of their pay for a certain number of years. That way, if something happens and they lose their license or go into another profession that makes less money, they still just pay 15% extra income tax or whatever the percentage is.

Debt is daunting and exploitative. Income tax less so, because it is a percentage and not a fixed amount.
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