Panama rock Identification

Reply Sun 10 Nov, 2019 12:15 pm
Was hoping to get some insight on the rocks around where I live. Its west coast of Panama on the Azuero Peninsula. Have been trying to read up as much as possible, however, most of what I can find for that area is more so a description of the mechanisms that created the area and not so much on the specific petrology.
Ive uploaded an album of photos,
From what I've read so far, I think the red rocks are "pelagic red cherts", the crystalliferous one might be greywacke? as far as the green banding and the others I seem to be at a loss. Any help would be great!

Reply Sun 10 Nov, 2019 03:39 pm
I probably can help but I cant see the rocks close up. I see that one is a fosil beraing , probably a wacke so youre right about that, but Do you know what grouping its from. Panama has some interesting series of plate movement in its neighbirhood.
When you speak of somerock feature give the particular photo of which your speaking
Reply Sun 10 Nov, 2019 07:18 pm
The area is along/near the Azuero-sona fault. From my understanding of that area its lies in-between the 'tonosi formation' (which is sedimentary formation (late Eocene to Miocene)) and 'Azuero igneous basement' (which is Basalts and Pillow basalts)

I guess what really caught my eye first are the red and green "veins" (the red being what I thought might be chert?)

Secondly it was the crystals on what I thought was the wacke.
on some of the crystals it looks as if there's some type of metallic coating or oxidation?

A major piece I left out is that all of this is along the ocean. Along weather outcroppings on the beach. All along the beach as well there are a lot of odd shape chalcedony "nuggets" that are banding with white and translucent bands. Are those from the weather basalt in the area?
Reply Sun 10 Nov, 2019 10:33 pm
Id agree the red stuff is probably like the jaspers in the Iron Rage rocks of mesabi. The only thing is that it doesnt frac conchoidlly (but this could just be a trick on my eye). Als theres a lotta post diagenic stuff going on , was there some post emplacement folding in the areas. Is it border to the plate boundaries? or the Maya or Chotis blocks?
I did some Copper sulfide mapping down there and hit on some nice crypto xline quartz units (Id call em cherts, usually chalcedony or in the igneous areas, jaspers).
I have no idea what that stuff with the ossil columns is. I have no idea about any kind of fossil. (Looks like Penne pasta cros sections in the rock?
You a student, rockhound, field geologist?

Reply Sun 10 Nov, 2019 10:41 pm
Im not familiar with the fault zone on the Azuera peninsula. I do recall seeing some stuff from a geologist named ?Mintos? He was taking his structural geo labs out and coring the fault zone to do oriented specimens for microscope work. Thats all I know about that area.
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