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Sun 10 Nov, 2019 07:18 pm - The area is along/near the Azuero-sona fault. From my understanding of that area its lies in-between the 'tonosi formation' (which is sedimentary formation (late Eocene to Miocene)) and... (view)
Sun 10 Nov, 2019 12:15 pm - Was hoping to get some insight on the rocks around where I live. Its west coast of Panama on the Azuero Peninsula. Have been trying to read up as much as possible, however, most of what I can find... (view)
Thu 6 Oct, 2016 05:44 am - Thank you for the response. There isn't anything telling as far as small scale details. I added a few photos of close ups of whitish area. The white rock is about a 1/4" thick through out. (view)
Wed 5 Oct, 2016 01:45 pm - Wanted to see what people's thoughts were as to wether or not this is a fossil. I found it in Panama on the pacific side at low tide on a rock flat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.... (view)
Sat 13 Feb, 2016 09:55 am - Forgot to add, the rock in the 6th and last photo is a a cross section of the inside of the rocks in the first photo. Those I am most interested in figuring out, because of the character inside the... (view)
Sat 13 Feb, 2016 09:19 am - I live on the Pacific coast of Panama. The coast is entirely black sand beaches and basalt or lava flow formations. While most of the lava formations are black basalt some are a deep red or... (view)
Sun 13 Dec, 2015 08:14 am - Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some information on 2 topics. Rock identification, and "processing" for lack of a better word. I spend my winters in Panama (the country) as a surf... (view)
Fri 17 Jul, 2015 05:20 am - I want to expand my very limited knowledge of geology and rocks and minerals. I was seeing if anyone could suggest informative and educational books that cover minerals and rocks extensively. I... (view)
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