Major Disaster's Hong Kong Rescue Plan

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October 16, 2019

This is Major Disaster. I've been called out of retirement to coordinate a special ops mission to rescue both Hongkongers and the bumbling, incompetent and morally retarded CCP puppet state police in Hong Kong.

It's crystal clear that Hongkongers will NEVER -- I repeat NEVER -- give in to being ruled by the CCP Chinazis or the "Hong Kong SS" or CCP state police who DO NOT and WILL NEVER represent Hongkongers AT ALL.

To strike fear into the hearts of PLA robots, my former top secret activities as a "one man fart squad" involved in every major CIA-run regime change from 1990 on are herewith revealed. My solo mission is to take out the 12,000 PLA officers stationed at the border of Hong Kong and China -- without a single death of any officer.

It's a tall order, but my success is assured because my farts are more effective than VX, yet nonlethal. Instant unconsciousness of anyone caught within a range of 100 yards of one of my farts is guarafuckinteed. I'd love to say more, but I can't. Let's just say the PLA will not know what hit them. When they wake up, all hell will break loose in the CCP in a way they never thought possible, because my farts, coming from me, also have the power to neutralize evil brainwashing and false loyalty to corruption. My farts also have the power to transfer suggestions, and as soon as the PLA officers wake from their "fart dream", every one of them will be obsessed with offering their glorious leader, Winnie the Xi, a pot of honey.

This suggestion, which can be contagiously transferred by physical contact, will result in hundreds of millions of citizens of the People's Republic of China being similarly obsessed with offering pots of honey to the dear Chinazi Xi. I can remove this constructive mental influence from the minds of the Chinese people, but only upon the surrender of the following criminal scum to Interpol:

1) Jiang Zemin, a.k.a "the Toadmaster", and the world's most vicious criminal "Nazi", who, after the Tiananmen Massacre, began the persecution of Falun Gong members, the most vicious and inhuman aspect of which is the removal and transfer of Falun Gong members' organs while they are alive and on the operating table, with the live removed organs being transferred into the bodies of waiting condoning criminals who fly into China from all over the world. Just one look at Toadmaster Jiang's face -- recently seen being helped to stiffly walk out onto a balcony on China's National Day, October 1, 2019 -- is enough to turn one's stomach.

2) Xi Jinping, a.k.a "Winnie the Xi", who greatly fears being compared to Winnie the Poo.

3) Other high level CCP officials truly worthy of life in jail.

The other and key aspect of the Hong Kong intervention is led by the United States, who will soon be followed by Britain and other democratic countries.

The world's largest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, will sail into Hong Kong harbour. In the middle of the night, Navy Seals or other Special Ops forces will abduct the local Chinazis Carrie Lam and Stephen Lo, Commissioner of Police.

As I related, one of my world's most deadly class farts will take care of the PLA at the border, and by suggestion transference, hundreds of millions of "nazis" in China.

United States Senator Josh Hawley has affirmed that Hong Kong is now being run as a police state by bumbler Carrie Lam, and suggested that she resign. Chinazi Lam has denied Hawley's affirmation.

Who's afraid of Winnie the Xi? Let him show his hand to the world. China will be the reigning empire of destruction after the United States' empire falls about year 2650, but till then, the Chinese Communist Party with all its disgusting evils has a hard fall coming.

This is not inciting war -- ALL OUT WAR (so far without guns with real bullets in the hands of protestors) IS ALREADY BEING SERIOUSLY WAGED BY HONGKONGERS AGAINST THE CORRUPT, BUMBLING, VICIOUS and MORALLY RETARDED CCP.

The CCP has proven itself unworthy of governing Hong Kong. Only a democratic country has any business governing Hong Kong, for the protection of all in Hong Kong, pro- or anti-Bejing.

Get on it. My deadly farts are always ready.
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