Escape from Hong Kong - A NICE DREAM

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October 13, 2019

The following video clarifies the background of the Hongkongers oppression by the "Chinazi Party":

China is erasing its border with Hong Kong

It doesn't matter that a mass extraction and escape from Hong Kong is virtually impossible because cowardly, despicable and morally retarded corporate "Nazis" are mostly in power in the world. I'm just one person, but a person whose formidable power is The Power of The Word, and if I don't use my power I will regret it. All the worthless "Nazi" trash in the world be damned, as they always are.

The pro-Bejing "Chinazis" in Hong Kong look to their saviour Winnie the Xi and their monstrous persecutors and mass murderers in the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP or "Chinazi Party").

The real, "good" and pro-democracy people of Hong Kong are "up against the wall" or "cornered" by the degenerate CCP. Hongkongers can only escape by sea or air; none can walk or drive out of embattled Hong Kong. The videos coming out of Hong Kong prove that things have gone WAY BEYOND protest. Some of those who may have originally been peaceful protestors in 2014 or whenever are now violent combatants or "civilian soldiers" ("c.s."). Nonviolent but frequently loudly vocal protestors are in the majority, but the "c.s." are quite numerous.

Sometimes larger crowds of "peaceful" protestors gather and seem to spontaneously transform into aggressive crowds that -- along with the "civilian soldiers" -- cause the police to feel outnumbered and clearly afraid for their lives. There are videos showing a small group of police: 1) that got separated from their main group, running and being chased down the middle of the road by a crowd until they reached the protection of the main group; 2) (in a mall) down on the floor getting the **** beaten out of them by c.s. with bats, just managing to escape through a lockable exit, which the c.s. tried to beat open; 3) (in the middle of a road), four riot police, in the middle of which was one about 6'4" and 260 pounds with blood running down his fearful face as he backed away with his associates facing the protestors.

The situation since June 2019 has been ALL OUT WAR (only the police have lethal guns) between the "civilian soldiers" and the police, who appear to have four divisions: 1) riot or swat team police; 2) regular uniformed police; 3) informally dressed police wearing jeans; and 4) undercover police who pretend to be protestors.

The c.s. use bats, poles, very deadly brick pieces (sometimes with huge slingshots), and molotov cocktails. The c.s. have not been using guns with lethal real ammunition, but the police are, and one protestor was shot in the chest by police with a real bullet; the victim is in stable condition. The police have 5 foot long shields and round shields; they throw a lot of tear gas, including into crowds and inside buildings, which is against their own rules; use batons; carry shotguns and other guns that fire rubber bullets and other nonlethal projectiles; use liquid pepper spray in large quantities.

There are also many verbal or physical fights between protestors/c.s. and pro-Bejing or anti-protest people.

There is much more ugly stuff happening, all documented in videos.

Neither the police nor the civilian soldiers can help being violent barbarians; they're just ordinary people, and such are always evil, especially when under pressure. However, Nature does not forgive the slightest violence or harm done to another. The Law of Karma ensures that good is returned for good, and evil is returned for evil. Therefore both sides in the fascism-democracy struggle have very significant bad karma now, and "the proof is in the pudding".

Karma has another basic feature: Being LOCKED INTO IT. All those involved in evil must pay the full price for every bit of their evildoing. Of course the barbarians on both sides delight in their evil, but that delight brings humiliation and downfall as its ultimate end.

So the Hong Kong combatants are LOCKED INTO THEIR BAD KARMA TO THE BITTER END, whatever and whenever that might be.

CYCLIC PREDICTION OF DISASTER. So far, nothing really awful has happened in Hong Kong.

December 2019 and January 2020 will be another story.

The Hong Kong protestors/c.s. are fighting for their lives in the sense of strongly resisting and seeking freedom from the domination of the fascist criminal CCP which has terminated their democratic right to vote for any pro-democracy leaders. It seems inevitable, however, that many Hongkongers may soon be fighting for their physical lives, because fascist filth has no mercy and the bad karma both sides are locked into will no doubt prevent any diplomatic cessation of the ongoing war. The idea of a diplomatic resolution is about as silly as Hitler and Churchill meeting for peace talks after Berlin and London had been devastatingly bombed. Karma compels both sides in the madness of war to continue to the figurative "last man standing".

And with all this chaos, the corrupt world stands and watches. Worthless "Nazi" gangster piece of **** Uncle Trumpy promised Winnie the Xi he wouldn't say anything about Hong Kong; to the predator-in-chief's credit, however, is that he has issued sanctions to and denied visas to CCP officials connected with the oppression of the Uygurs. The billionaires club headed by Jeff Bezos could provide freighter transportation for huge numbers of Hongkongers to escape, but of course being gutless pussy ass bitches always stands in the way of being human beings who might do the right moral thing. If at least one worthless-till-proven-otherwise plutocrat did the right thing, including buying land for the refugees from Hong Kong; and if hundreds of freighters and cruise ships were loaded with all those who wanted to leave Hong Kong, what the **** would it matter if WTX ran after the ships screaming "Give me back my property!". **** him. He's already fucked and doesn't know it, but greatly fears it. Dictators err in thinking that they are actually part of the real world.

Remember in all this CCP trashing that the CCP and its brainwashed victims are only a small percentage of the 1.4 billion population of China. The fate of the CCP depends on over a billion "good" Chinese people who will inevitably rise up to topple the CCP, perhaps led by military coup leaders.

Uncle Winnie has a perfect chance to show his evil hand to the world; that hand that tries to conceal so much evil the CCP is carrying out, but which may at last be fully revealed -- not just to those who know the CCP's moral disasters involving the Uygurs, Falun Gong and Tibetans -- but to so many more around the world. The Truth regarding the CCP's evil may soon be fully revealed. I believe this possibility of the WHOLE TRUTH COMING OUT FOR ALL TO SEE is something kindly Uncle Xi GREATLY FEARS. Winnie the Xi, wouldn't you rather eat that pot of honey you're hiding behind your back?

By 2650, China will have superseded the U.S. as the empire of destruction. But till then, "free speech" and "democracy" or the dreams of such can still live, and, with the evil state of things, "Big Nazis can overcome little Nazis", just as the Allies overcame Hitler.

That's my nice karmically impossible dream of escape for Hongkongers, with some bad but inevitable news at the end. I'd have to be deluded to expect any part of my fantasy to be realized. The realization of ideals depends upon people actually being human beings, which they are not. With subhuman beings (the majority who I condemn as worthless rubbish with no hope of anything fine or beautiful) there is NOTHING BUT HELL ON A VAST SCALE. Only very few individual human beings have any hope of some real Peace, Love and Happiness in their lives.

1) Are billionaires human beings? Only if they prove it. But how can dummies and moral retards who are effectively the thieves of money that belongs to all of us ever do the right thing when they are locked into their bad karma which is already ENORMOUS? Doing the right thing requires those who are not weak monsters pretending to be real people, and who are hoping that their ill directed "philanthropy" will fool the public and cause them to be accepted and their crimes overlooked.

2) Can you get blood out of a stone?

Lastly, God/Nature and I condemn the greedy corporate "Nazi" collaborators in the NBA management who are now nicely licking diseased Chinese Communist Party ass, and sending U.S. basketball fans who support the Hong Kong war at NBA games home. NBA management, you're now in deep ca-ca up to your neck, betraying the democracy you are unworthy of and suppressing free speech. Bravo to South Park for resisting the greedy U.S. corporate fascists' asslicking demanded of them by the easily offended "Chinazi Party". If you want to know what a sensitive and whiny pussy ass bitch looks like, take a look at the Nazis of the CCP and their "nazi" followers in corporate America.
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