Worried about being Bisexual

Reply Sat 12 Oct, 2019 08:59 pm
I'm a 52 year old conservative Christian who has been repressing his Bisexuality for decades. I am wondering if there us any way to be bisexual and still believe everything the Bible says and if how does one handle those passages in scripture that are specifically against men having relations with men? I'm not intending to offend anyone. just trying to sort out whether i can accept my bisexuality and still please God, Please no atheist responses or haters.
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Reply Sun 13 Oct, 2019 07:37 am
The injunction against same-sex relations is found, as you know, in Leviticus. While contemporary conservative Christians commonly demand adherence to that particular injunction, they quite ignore, in their own lives, many others found in the same book.

One could fairly and easily conclude from this that the real source of their discomfort with bi-sexuality doesn't arise from the Bible but rather that they are using the passage to validate particular social/cultural norms of their community. A similar case that might come to mind is the the range of justifications, drawn from Scripture, to support racism.

Reply Sun 13 Oct, 2019 09:24 am
That and Paul. He had a problem with LGBT people too.

The thing is Leviticus bans all sorts of things, like mixed cloth. So if you're wearing cotton nylon socks you're defying Leviticus in the same way.

The problem is certain "Christian" groups seem to ignore that.

To the OP, there are plenty of gay Christians out there, and plenty of churches are welcoming too. Over here the Rev Richard Cole is a very popular figure, a gay Anglican vicar who used to be a member of the Communards.


Google gay/lgbt Christians in your area. There'll be more than you think.

You don't have to tell anyone. What you do in your own home is nobody else's business. There's no obligation to come out.
Reply Sun 13 Oct, 2019 09:35 am
Yes. Paul is an unfortunate figure in early Christianity. His influence runs quite deeply as Elaine Pagels details in "Adam, Even and the Serpent"

And your point re differences between Britain and the US is a good one. The theology of Catholicism is deep and very rich. Anglicanism less so but it is also far more thoughtful and nuanced than the Protestant theology of America.
Reply Sun 13 Oct, 2019 10:36 am
Anglicism didn't come about because of some big theological difference, it was all about Henry VIII divorcing Katherine of Aragon.

It didn't adopt a protestant tone until Edward VI came along.
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Reply Mon 14 Oct, 2019 08:42 am
I'd suggest reaching out to a Christian Church that is more accepting of different types of sexuality.

Many Congregational Churches are like this. A minister at such a church would be very versed in this area.
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