Failing student

Reply Wed 9 Oct, 2019 11:51 am
Hi there! It's my first time on this forum ^^
I used to be a straight A student. I had a really good memory (reading and Learning where enough for me to learn) and intense focus capacities (I could understand easily and therefore have extremely good grades). However, one day I lost it all. I strating feeling stressed for the new academic year. I couldn't focus anymore and gradually lost the good grades. I lost all motivation and the situation quickly turned into an existential crisis and depression. I am not depressed anymore but the situation has been going on for 4 years now. I never had "easy grades", I Always worked for it and now no matter how hard I try I feel like it's never enough. I have been struggling with this issue (as well as feeling Worthless for not being the smart person I was). I couldn't find any situation like mine on the internet (if you know one then please tell) so that's why I'm posting this here.
Is there anyone in the same situation as me?
How did you get out of it/ regain focus and memory?
Reply Wed 9 Oct, 2019 12:07 pm
How do you know you're no longer depressed? Have you seen a doctor? I'm not a doctor or at all medically qualified but I do know that depression isn't just being miserable, loss of motivation, general listlessness are also symptoms.

See a doctor, it may be something that could be treated easily with anti depressants, or it could be something else, but you need to see a doctor.
Reply Wed 9 Oct, 2019 12:18 pm
Stop taking drugs.
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Reply Wed 9 Oct, 2019 12:52 pm
Definitely agree with seeing a doctor.

Also, school just plain gets tougher. But this is also an opportunity to develop good study habits.

Back in the Stone Age, when I was in school, I effortlessly got great grades (as in straight A's, etc.) for years. And then high school chemistry and trigonometry in particular did me in.

But they also did me an enormous favor. I hadn't really had to study before, and then, it was imperative. So I learned how to take good notes, get organized, and how to manage my test-taking time well.

I don't use chemistry or trigonometry at work or in life at all. But I do use the study habits I developed when trying to pass them.
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Reply Thu 10 Oct, 2019 04:54 am
Stress affects concentration. So take steps to find the source of your stress/anxiety with the help of a counselor. A complete physical might help, too.
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