CDB Oil - New snake oil or actually worthwhile?

Thu 18 Apr, 2019 11:02 pm
CDB oil (no THC cannabis oil, or Hemp oil, or extract or whatever you want to call it) has made it to my radar as an alternative pain and anti-inflammatory medicine.

I started reading all the things this new miracle cure can do and I have to doubt the veracity of the claims. I know marijuana had anti-nausea and pain suppressing abilities, but gosh, does CDB oil do so much more!

CBD may benefit a person's health in a variety of ways.

Natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties
Quitting smoking and drug withdrawals
Fighting cancer
Anxiety disorders
post-traumatic stress disorder
general anxiety disorder
panic disorder
social anxiety disorder
obsessive-compulsive disorder
Type 1 diabetes
Alzheimer's disease

I mean COME ON!!! Really?

Anyone try this stuff for any amount of time? Did you become a dirty hippie? Did it cure cancer for you?
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Fri 19 Apr, 2019 12:08 am
I pretty much have the same questions. I'm not inclined to trust anything that makes so many claims.

I do believe Edgar has used it.
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Fri 19 Apr, 2019 04:29 am
Snake Oil
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Fri 19 Apr, 2019 07:41 am
Well, looking at your list, 6 in a row, from anxiety disorder through OCD are all closely related as far as the body’s response. All related. So IMO they could have been boiled down into one. I mean, people take Zoloft for anxiety, panic attacks ( uh yeah, no brainer there), OCD, and depression , and no one blinks an eye.

So right there you knocked the list down from 13 to 7.

I don’t think anyone really denies the pain, anti inflammatory thing, so that leaves 6. If you’re less stressed it’s easier to not smoke, so there 5 left.

Cancer, epilepsy, altzheimers, type 1 diabetes? Guess it would be easy enough to look up results of research on that.

So those 4 and acne, which yeah, I’m sure severe cases of acne are ver hard to live with.

Fri 19 Apr, 2019 08:43 am
I'm not an advocate of CDB oil, but quickly looked up some research....

What all of these article have in common is that CDB oil reduces inflamation, and in the case of epilepsy, has something to do with the firing of synapses. I'm not about to pretend to know how to phrase it correctly.

Inflamation = disease.

Look at the lowly aspirin. We take it for pain, for fever, for heart health. It lowers inflamtion. Again, just providing info.

I'm Switzerland on all of this.

Re epilepsy.
From the NCBI website. Interesting read.
Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Epilepsy: Hard Evidence at Last?
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5767492/<br />

Re type 1 diabetes. Again the NCBI site
Experimental cannabidiol treatment reduces early pancreatic inflammation in type 1 diabetes.
(my note: pancreas, inflamation? diabetes, yeah)

Re dementia.
Once more, reducing inflamation, this time in the brain.

Re cancer
Fri 19 Apr, 2019 08:48 am
McGentrix wrote:

Did it cure cancer for you?

People have the mistaken notion that cancer is one disease.

So annoying when I see "Let's beat cancer!" events. But, I guess you have to dumb it down for the total population to understand. Not that I'm any authority.

It's like saying "Let's beat parasites!"
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Fri 19 Apr, 2019 01:37 pm
I appreciate your research!

I guess what I am looking for is someone with experience in using CDB oil. Does it work (even a little) or is it just throwing money away (Thus snake oil).
Fri 19 Apr, 2019 03:04 pm
Funny, but since my last post and now, I was talking to a woman and CDB oil came up in the conversation.

She said she's used topical CPD cream or oil for tendonitis, and it worked very well.

Not my personal experience, but this lady is not one to embellish, or try things that would be considered alternative.

I can tell you that if my husband's pain management doctors allowed use of CDB oil, he would jump all over it. In fact, I'm going to ask him to talk to them about it again.

Frankly, if I were you, I'd try it. There's certainly enough evidence for its helping with inflamation. I wouldn't feel like I would be throwing money away to find something that helped.

I mean, is it really going to break your bank to try a small bottle for $20 or $30?

Life's to short to suffer pain if there's a solution, or be cheap.

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Fri 19 Apr, 2019 03:14 pm
I have a friend who places a drop of CDB oil under his tongue every day. He says he has had relief from back and foot pain. He tried the flavored oils, didn’t care for them. He also swears by vitamin E. He’s 73 and still works the front door at a major hotel, so he’s pushing luggage carts and escorting guests to their rooms. He’s part time now; on his feet all day 2x week.
Fri 19 Apr, 2019 05:18 pm
Credit where credit is due Punkey.
That was a good endorsement.

To McG, just my 2 cents....

If you're going to go ahead and try some, for God's sake don't just pick up the cheapest bottle you can find.

If you do that, you might (probably, most likely) get an inferior products. Haven't really read it through, but it appears it is a lengthy multi-stage process to make this stuff.

Buy whatever brand you research to be best, a small amount, even if the cost makes you softly say "ouch"

If you see the stuff works, then work on either trying less expensive brands, and/or taking less, until you reach the balance between #1 results and affordability.

I know you know this. Sometimes you just need to hear someone else say it.
Fri 19 Apr, 2019 05:43 pm
Sorry, this is off topic, but that cost/worth thing reminded me of something....feel free to skip if you don't want to hear my meanderings.

My friend C. and his family have always bought the best quality of everything, for what they needed it for.
I remember as a teeanger his mother saying more than once "It all costs the same". As in you can either run all over to save a nickle, or buy something cheap that doesn't work as well, or just go ahead and buy what is good.

One exception C. has to this is paper towels. With 3 dogs and a big house, he really goes through them.
Whenever I grab a paper towel at his house I think, "What is this crap?" because it won't even tear right. It's wasteful because you have to use more sheets. On top of it all, he bitches how many paper towels he goes through.

So last week we were in Target together, and he said he had to get a roll of paper towels for the car for the trip back to Mexico. For some reason, paper towels and toilet paper there are really expensive compared to the US. Like a big roll of Bounty Select-a-size is about $5.00! I've stocked a bunch from the US down there.

He picks up some cheap 99 cent crap and I can't hold it in. "STOP buying that cheap crap! Jesus! Bounty Double Roll Select-a-Size is where it's at man!"

It was so funny. Two old farts arguing with each other in the middle of Target about paper towels. It was like he just kept trying to sneak some off brand roll into the cart, until finally I went and picked up 6 pack = 18 rolls for $15, tossed it in the cart, and handed him a $10 bill.

"Here. You keep 2 rolls, which are like 6 rolls, which is less than a dollar each. You're welcome"

2 days later he texted me saying now he saw the light.

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Wed 8 May, 2019 07:09 pm
FWIW, I had a good conversation at the pool the other day with a guy I know that uses it.

I noticed him limping, and asked if he injured himself. He said no, he had knee problems, and arthritis (he's young, maybe 30). He was having a flair up.

He brought up during the conversation the fact he takes CBD tincture, and it's made an incredible difference in both pain and mood.

I've seen done a little research, and found some reputable brands that state they have 0% THC in them.

When my husband goes to his pain management guy again, he's going to discuss.

If he gets some, I'll let you know how it goes.
Thu 9 May, 2019 12:10 am
I belong to several dog forums and the Vizsla owners are all chirping about use of CBD oil to treat various canine issues. I hadn't thought about the anti-inflammation purposes but so many aches and pain are caused by inflammation. I have a pre-surgery physical tomorrow so I'll ask my doctor about it.
Thu 9 May, 2019 07:49 am
It’s all about inflammation
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Thu 9 May, 2019 08:29 am
Thanks for the update!
Thu 9 May, 2019 09:24 am
I actually just chatted with one of the reputable companies I found, and they linked me to their certificate of analysis dated 3/26/19 showing it tests with no THC.

I printed this out for the doctors visit.

Just a thought, but maybe a reason some can look at this as snake oil is that I guess a popular way to take this is through vaping. Like that's too recreational sounding to me. How to you measure your intake?

Measurable tincture of capsules seem to be the way to go.

I'm sure I'll try it myself.

Thu 9 May, 2019 07:57 pm
I think it's more a matter of over saturation with keto something and garcinia something else. We soon become a bit cynical of everything.

I've been trying CDB for a couple of weeks, partly based on a fairly positive article in last month's Consumer Reports. I was looking at it from the standpoint of anxiety and pain. At the moment, I feel there was some results, but it's very subjective.
Thu 9 May, 2019 08:18 pm
Yes, I was thinking that in the past few weeks regarding keto. Like all of a sudden it's a fad, and actually being done very stupidly. What I really hate is the proliferation of products and recipes that are designed so that people can pretend they really aren't doing anything different, like healing their pancreas and liver, and decreasing inflamation. If there is weight loss on keto, it's a by-product of your body working properly.

Re cbd, the reading I've done indicates there's a huge difference in quality amongst producers. CBD isn't something I would pick up at Walgreens and expect it to be strictly vetted.

Caveat emptor
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