First Photo of a Black Hole

Reply Thu 11 Apr, 2019 10:48 pm

I look at image and am in utter awe at the size and shear mass of an object that big.

It’s MUCH bigger than I thought it could be.
Reply Fri 12 Apr, 2019 07:52 am
Oh it's still awesome.

I just thought the center (don't know why I thought this), would be big enough to swallow maybe 100 of our solar systems.

Thinking about it though, I guess that wouldn't be sustainable?

Thinking more (just had third sip of morning coffee), I'm remember the scene in the Netflix show Mars where the father and son set a small ball in the middle of the desert, labeling it Sun, then drive for what seems like forever to place Earth, Mars, etc.

Also, from the theme song, I learned it takes 183 seconds for light to reach Mars to Earth, so yeah, the entire solar system is small on scale to the universe, but that's not fair to compare to the size of a black hole.

I stand corrected.

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Reply Fri 12 Apr, 2019 12:05 pm
I was sooo exiting to see a black hole! Whet the picture has finally been revealed, I cried like a child!
Reply Sat 13 Apr, 2019 03:09 am
Now that we have the photo, Id like to see a math model based on the isobars of the area below the EH.
I see a huge helix shaped lik a tight slinky but thats difficult to visualize
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