Reply Mon 10 Mar, 2003 02:06 am
To me, the loss of jobs to "foreign" companies is a wonderful thing. Like a performance review it tells us where we are not performing well, and therefore should either quit or push to a whole new level.

It's called competition. I always try harder when someone else is running very hard with me. Bring it on! Everyone on the planet will be better for it.

From another discussion thread.

The most fulfilling job (and thus the most naturally productive) is one that someone would do for free. Instead of looking for a job to be given to us, I'd suggest creating a job. Start building. Write, construct, organize, paint, sell, think of ideas, put things together, create and do whatever comes naturally from ones aptitude and geniune interest.

Don't look for a handout like mommy is going to give you a job now. Do something constructive, then go get your paycheck from the value you added to people's lives. Help others live better, then of course they'll be glad to pay you for what you did.

Help first. Greed later.

Plus, if you do what you love, you will become quite good at it, ... better than most anybody else in the country and in the world. If a large number of people follow this approach, then a large number of industries would be advanced. If you're attached to the idea of a "country", then I'm sure the country will benefit most if people stop pursing money, and pursue value instead.

How else could people find their optimum position, for optimum productivity?
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Reply Tue 18 Mar, 2003 09:10 am
CodeBorg- I would not call being supplanted by markets a "wonderful thing", but it is a wake-up call. Take the auto industry for instance. For years the Japanese car makers were beating the pants off American car manufacturers. Why? Because in comparison, the Japanese were producing a better, more reliable car.

It has taken many years for the American car makers to learn that if they wanted to control the market, they would have to provide a better value to their customers than foreign car makers.
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Reply Tue 18 Mar, 2003 09:45 am
Sad to say, but of everyone did what they loved the economy would fall to it's knees.

Can you imagine no one picking up trash or working at the dump? No one working at the grocery store? Sure, some people may love to grow our own food but what about the rest of us who don't but are doing something else that we love? Are there enough people that love agriculture to sustain the rest of us?

It's a nice thought but it would turn into anarchy. Many people work at jobs they hate because what they love doesn't pay.

Many 'foreign' companies take over markets because they can produce products cheaper and pass the savings on to American consumers. If I bought all 'made in America' items I'd pay twice as much because the workers get paid at least twice as much. People working in sweatshops in Indonesia don't work there because they love it, they work there because they need to eat. We have more 'foreign' competition because many American companies have packed up and moved to cheaper digs.
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