how can i get a psychopath to leave me alone?

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at the beginning of school, i noticed there was a girl who always sat by herself and never talked to anybody. i felt like i could go talk to her and see if she wanted to be friends. at first she was cool, a little weird but i could handle it. after a while she started telling me about how she felt like killing herself and other people and acting really violent and impulsive. she would slam herself into walls and she tried to bite me several times. after a while i started to try and distance myself from her out of fear. every now and then she would see me in the hall and follow me for the rest of the day until i could shake her off by saying i had something really important to do and she really couldn't go with me. one time i was walking around with her and she lead to the elevator, i followed her until i realized it probably wasn't a good idea and tried to get out before the door could shut. she grabbed the back of my bag and yanked me back in and i screamed. i was pretty sure i was about to die. luckily, my bf came around the corner yelling at her and pulling me away from her. my bf HATES her since she always follows us and when we ask for some alone time she screams about how everyone hates her and how she is just going to kill herself. ive tried telling her to see a doctor or therapist about her anger and she yelled at me about how shes not crazy and that im an awful friend. this all sounds mellow but she is really violent and attached to me. she tried to beat up my boyfriend several times. i dont know what to do but i cant be mean to her or just ghost her. i dont want to be responsible for her killing herself if she does. she keeps asking for my address and sometimes i see her walking up and down the streets in my neighborhood. im truly afraid for my safety.
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You've never heard of the police? School administration or counselors? It's weird that you run to a complete set of strangers (of which you don't know which country or even continent we reside ... given that each state, country and political region has countless sets of protective protocols that may or may not relate to this situation and the people you are presently asking advice from... have no legal authority or expertise to give you freely).
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Go to your school counselor. This girl is at best suicidal at worst she will take you and anyone else down with her.

This is one of those situations where it is ok to tell on her. Her suicidal tendencies alone are reason to speak to someone about her. She is screaming for help. I know the teen code is not to rat out another teen but this is the exact situation where you do this. For her and for you. Tell your parents, school administrators -- get her the help she needs.

Not as crazy as your situation - but my daughter had a friend that told her "don't tell anyone..." she was cutting herself. I went to just say hi to my daughter in her bedroom and I could just tell something was bothering her. She didn't want to tell on her friend as she had promised not to. My daughter finally told me when I pressed her. I let her know this is exactly when you need to break a promise -- in a situation where someone is getting hurt or could get hurt.

I immediately called her mother --- her mom got the girl help and she is doing very well now and thankful that my daughter told on her.

This situation is dangerous for you, this girl, and everyone else as school - do not keep quiet.
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I don't think school councillors exist outside of America. We certainly don't have them in the UK.

Over here the first port of call would be the form tutor.
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You need to talk to someone about this. If this girl does kill herself it won't be your fault.

More often than not threats of self harm are usually a means of control, people who are genuinely suicidal tend to keep it to themselves.

None of this is your fault, you're not responsible for what she does.
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