I'm 16, planning a trip to Hawaii to see my grandparents.

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Other than the cost of the actual plane ticket, what other fees apply? Would I have to pay a fee since I'm a minor, and how much would that be? On average, how much would I have to pay to check baggage? What are the fees that aren't included in the ticket cost? And how much money should I have with me to ensure I can get on & off the plane both on the departure flight, and the returning flight?
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- No fees apply because of your age.
- Luggage fees depend on the airline, but $25/bag is typical with the bag weigh not to exceed 50lb.
- You will likely have a connecting flight and will want to have money to get food during the connection.
- If you have a ride to and from the airport, you will not need taxi fees, but if you do need a ride, you should research how much that will be. It can be expensive depending on how far from the airport you are.
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$500 and don't spend it all in one place.
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I recently had my 15 year old daughter fly for herself. Previously she has flown with an escort. The age in which you can fly unescorted varies by airlines but most (if not all) should allow a 16 year old to fly unescorted. If you feel uncomfortable traveling you can pay for an escort on most airlines but costs vary and it usually costs more if you have a connection. One way to get comfortable is to have someone walk you through airport and show you anything you need to know. I did this with my daughter – she was flying with me on one trip and I had her show me where she needed to go. We talked to one of the airline personnel so she would know who to go to if she needed, we went over what to do if there is a delay, change of gates, etc. so she felt prepared when she was on her own. It is really easy as she soon learned there are signs directing you to anywhere you would need to go.

Other additional costs – checked bags – these again vary, average cost is $25 for one checked bags – please note that two airlines just announced they are increasing this fee to $30 a bag. Most airlines also allow you to carry on two bags – one small that will fit under your seat and another that meets carry on size requirements and will fit in the compartment above you. Also, note any items that are restricted from carry or have to meet certain requirements (liquids) on so you are prepared.

Food – flying to Hawaii is a long flight so it likely you would need a meal. Also, will your flight be direct or have a connection? If you will have a connection you might need or want money to get something to eat at the connecting airport. As note – that airlines do not accept cash so you would need a credit or debit card. If you do not have one – you can “buy” a VISA or Mastercard at most grocery or department stores – there is a fee for the card – usually about $5.

Transportation to and from the airport – I would assume you will have someone bringing you and picking you up from the airport. If not you will need to check and see how much and what modes you would take.
I would also assume being typical grandparents they will pay for most of your stuff/activities. But find out first so you are prepared. I would think though you would want to bring spending money for extra things – ie a t-shirt to remember the trip or other types of things. This would vary depending on you.

So for money – I would suggest budgeting $60 for checked in luggage (in case the cost increases by the time you fly); $150 or so for travel (for on the flight and at the airport) – I gave my daughter a $100 VISA but she had a much shorter flight with no connection. Then determine if you are getting picked up and dropped up at the airport or need to get a taxi or other means – you can call and see how much that is so you are prepared. And then depending on what your grandparents are doing for you and what you think you would like to do extra, or buy extra plan that out with the costs.

If you have any questions on cost of checked bags, carry on sizes, escort – requirements of minors (ages) and anything else to do with your flight – you can look at the airline website. Also if you want to be familiar with the airports you will flying into/out of or changing connections you should also be able to look up that information on the airport website.
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