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Per Wikipedia (again, not 100% certain of the accuracy).

Think -
"The song was written by Aretha and then husband Ted White."
No word on who wrote music or lyrics or if they both wrote both.

Who's Zoomin' Who -
"Songwriter(s) Aretha Franklin, Preston Glass, Narada Michael Walden"

Call Me -
(only listed writer is Franklin)

There are more but I'm sure you can follow Wikipedia links as easily as I can. Smile

Note: Franklin was self-taught on piano.

Songwriting credit is kind of a weird thing. For all of the Lennon-McCartney Beatle credits, some of those songs were more John and some were more Paul.
Reply Sat 18 Aug, 2018 12:57 pm

Thank you.
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Reply Sat 18 Aug, 2018 03:45 pm
The human landscape changes a bit more.

Just appreciated her effing delivery.
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Reply Sun 19 Aug, 2018 09:42 am
Hi! Think was written by Aretha and her then-husband Ted White. No details are provided as to who/whom did which parts. It is stated that she did do musical arrangements. Furthermore, she personally stated that she wrote Angel, Think, and Rock Steady (among the more famous of her hits).
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Reply Fri 31 Aug, 2018 02:45 pm
So, when older people in public life die, unless for some reason they were pivotal people for me, I feel a bit diminished and move along without any emotional fallout.

I appreciated what Aretha could evoke in a listener with the way she delivered a vocal line.

And I saw this a week or so after I’d acknowledged her passing, and I was covered with a blizzard of chills and feels.

It was just a kindness. Thank you.
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Reply Fri 31 Aug, 2018 04:40 pm
The Mary Kay pink Cadillacs were fabulous. Going in style.
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