But came one second in time!!!

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Every person who entered this world, whether understood or not, have a specific gifts given to them. Most people live and die without knowing what that gift is, or finding how to touch and utilize their gifts spiritually. Most people live and die, and succumb to the 'I must syndrome of self-survival'. Most people understand not the burden to perform the task which have been place upon and in their wake. They have not taken heed to themselves as commanded in Ex.34. And by not taking heed to themselves to become responsible to loose all binding chains of thought which initiate the war in heavenly places, they continuously fight against themselves. There is a dual tension within men which, as a charioteer with two horse pulling them in two different directions simultaneous. - Excerpt "One Must Stand Naked Before The Universe." - Julius Fann, Jr

Should any individual step out of them self, they step out of time, space, distance and three dimension matter. They also have stepped out of the law of inevitability and karma. It is understandable why most people would not use such drastic terms as I have, but then, most do not have a visceral vision imposed upon them as e.g., Joseph S. Goldsmith, Joseph Campbell, Martin L. King, Jr. from childhood which will not give them rest from their all-embracing vision. Most of those who are absorbed in presenting to the world wisdom and knowledge as Campbell and others, unconsciously are moved by fate to learn that which is known: the reading, studying, journey's which call for first hand observation. Then came meeting people influential to their task. The dialogue had with these individuals while they were yet within themselves in time, space, distance and matter. But came one second in time, pulling these visionaries out of themselves into a Spirit engulfing them and their intellect and human world in the task, they had no choice to stop, they had to perform for their conscience sake, and to make the spot they had stepped into humanly far brighter than what they found in birth.

Joseph Campbell illumined man's consciousness in the beginning with "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" and continued this activity until his death. Joseph S. Goldsmith "The Infinite Way" and many other conscious awakening book came out of his passion. Both step out of themselves into their compelling Spirit and made the ground holy for themselves and many, many others who found their contribution to the Unknown. They stepped out of time, space, distance, matter, and the human law of inevitability and karma to give healing to themselves and others who would step into the Spirit of Their Vision.

Julius Fann, Jr
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