Neil Gaiman on the Value of a Cluttered Mind

Reply Sat 5 Mar, 2005 03:15 pm
From an interview published in the February, 2005, issue of Locus:

The power of being an author, the joy of it for me, is that is one wasn't an author one would be a really boring person filled with peculiar bits of trivia, the sort you meet in a bar saying, "Did you know that...?" For an author, all of this "white knowledge",the kipple (*) in the back of your head, no longer is old keys and broken batteries, abandoned buttons, forgotten paper clips; it's actually useful! Most authors I know, whether or not they went through a standard education in their fields, tend to be autodidacts. And they tend to have that immense love of stuff, of promiscuous and unbridled reading.

(*) Kipple: Kipple is a word coined by the sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick.
It refers to the sinister type of rubbish which simply builds up without any human intervention.
Example: Hey, look at the Kipple in this place.
Kipple breeds Kipple.

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Reply Sat 5 Mar, 2005 03:33 pm
Ive usually got four books going at a time, talkin about promiscuous. Im now reading

Parallel Universes
rereading Wind in the Willows
Ben Franklin An american Life
When will Jesus bring the pork chops (which reeeaaallllyyyy sucks a big one, George Carlin, like Howard Stern, should not ever write another book)
Krakatoa by Simon Winchester. (Hes a shitty writer but Im a sucker for detail)
Noddy-edit your post, theres a few words I didnt catch
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Reply Sat 5 Mar, 2005 03:53 pm
farmerman wrote:
Im now reading

Parallel Universes
rereading Wind in the Willows
Ben Franklin An american Life

Just a tad jealous
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Reply Sat 5 Mar, 2005 04:10 pm

Thanks for the heads up. In my youth I could do three things at one time--and do them well--but obviously those days are gone forever.

As penance I threw in the footnote for "kipple".

I'm currently reading:

Cain, Madelyn: The Childless Revolution: What it Means to be
Childless Today

Downer, Lesley: women of the Pleasure Quarters: The Secret History
of the Geisha

Ensler, Eve: The Good Body

Gordon, Emily Fox: Mockingbird Years: A Life in and out of Therapy

Grandin, Temple: Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of
Autism to Decode Animal Behavior

and just for fun, Dorothy Dunnett's
Lymond Chronicle. I should finish the third volume, The Disorderly Knights tonight.

I thought Krakatoa was worth the prose style. After all you have Kenneth Graham and B. Franklin for leavening.

Who wrote Parallel Universes?
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Reply Sat 5 Mar, 2005 05:05 pm
I think that Simon Winchester , next to Jay Gould , is one of the most pompous and interlineal writers . He takes a while to get to his point , and often, when he finaly gets there, it wasnt really worth the trouble. Goulds texts are like that, his essays are better . I hate when someone goes from Science to WAgner to the Yankees then back to WAgner, and then only has a teeny point to make. (Gould). People who arent writers get impressed with their own styles. I always use Gould as an example. I have to write tech articles and research and I always
1 want to start witha clear statement of what we were doing

2 discuss what we did and found

3 make up some theory or explanation

4 derive the equations

5 stop and go home

I like to see writers get to the point , unless, like Mcmurtry, when not getting to the point , IS the point. So Winchester aint one of my favorites but, as I said, Im such a details freak, I have to reaed his works that scuffle around geology.
Ben Franklin is by Walter Isaacson
Michiu Kaku wrote Parallel Worlds (sorry)
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