A cruel, cruel deportation from Oz.(& asylum seekers tales)

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Unrest at Villawood
June 18, 2005 - 4:40PM/SMH

Up to 14 detainees at Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre are believed to have slashed their wrists, refugee advocates say.

The Immigration Department has confirmed a group of detainees have attempted self-harm in the latest incident of unrest at the centre in Sydney's south-west.

But the department would not say how many people were involved, the injuries suffered or whether the action involved children.

"Nobody has committed suicide,'' an immigration spokesman said.

"A group of people have self-harmed.

"At the moment we're not going to comment further.''

Refugee Action Coalition NSW spokesman Ian Rintoul said other Villawood detainees told him 12 men and two women were involved in the incident.

The detainees, none of them believed to be children, were mostly Chinese, he said.

Some were believed to be facing deportation, while one of the women was awaiting a determination on her asylum application, he said.

A spokesman for Australian Greens leader Bob Brown reported slightly different details, saying unconfirmed reports were that 12 Chinese detainees had slashed their wrists.... <cont>

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Last Update: Saturday, June 18, 2005. 7:06pm (AEST)

Some of the detainees receiving medical help at Villawood Detention Centre (ABC)

Detainees treated after self-harm

Twelve Chinese men are receiving medical treatment after a group self-mutilation protest at Villawood immigration detention centre, in Sydney's south-west this afternoon.

It is believed the incident was sparked by the attempted suicide of a Chinese woman earlier today, the same woman who allegedly tried to take her life last week.

Jamal Daoud from the Refugee Action Coalition, says the men cut themselves on razor wire surrounding the compound, in an act of solidarity against their imminent deportation.

"Now there's disappointment that the deal between Petro Georgio and John Howard will not see them see freedom," he said.

A convoy of emergency vehicles were seen coming and going from Villawood throughout the afternoon, but it is thought the men are being treated at the centre.

The woman, and another who found her, were taken to Auburn hospital.

The Immigration Department has confirmed 50 Chinese detainees, including 25 at Villawood, were separated from other detainees last month and interviewed by Chinese officials.

In other developments:
Greens Leader Bob Brown will introduce bills calling for amendments to the Government's new, softer detention policy. (Full Story)
The Federal Liberal backbencher Petro Georgiou says he believes the partyroom will accept a deal to change the Government's immigration detention policy. (Full Story)

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goodfielder wrote:
Wilso wrote:
goodfielder wrote:
Howard has absorbed Georgiou and the nascent rebels. Predictable. But perhaps, just perhaps, the average person in the street is uneasy.

Uneasy about what. Some innocent human beings being let out of their cages, or that there's at least one member of the liberal party who deserves to be called a member of the human race?

Good point. I need to clarify it. I think (hope) that people are beginning to understand what the Howard government has done and is continuing to do. I hope that people are seeing them for what they are. I hope people are beginning to understand that if Howard and his coterie have yet another term in office that we will become more like Bush's America. I hope that Australians reject the Aussie-Gulags.

I don't need any convincing. When I look at US society, it disgusts and terrifies me. I think a fantastic policy is to simply look at what America does, and then don't!
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Today I just feel sick at heart for those desperate Chinese asylum seekers at Villawood. Shame on our government.
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... how on earth can our government & the immigration authorities justify isolating these desperate people & allowing them to be addressed by Chinese officials? They were seeking asylum from the Chinese government! For heaven's sake!
No wonder they resorted to drastic measures.
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Detainees out of hospital
June 19, 2005 - 6:49PM/The AGE

A Chinese diplomat in hiding in Australia has called on the community to do more to help asylum seekers, as hundreds of people across the country marked World Refugee Day by demanding an end to mandatory detention.

This came as six detainees from the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney were released from hospital after slashing their wrists.

The federal government also rejected claims the immigration department failed to fully cooperate with the Palmer inquiry - set up to look into a series of bungles by staff including that of wrongfully deported woman Vivian Alvarez... <cont>

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Today's AGE editorial:

The detention system isn't fixed
June 22, 2005

The Government has solved its political problem but not the deeper problems of principle and policy.

Asked by an ABC reporter whether he was concerned about the damage done to children held in detention centres for long periods, John Howard said: "Perhaps their parents should have stopped to ask themselves whether they should have tried to come to this country in an unauthorised way in the first place."

In this reply on Monday, the Prime Minister demonstrated all too clearly that notwithstanding the softening of mandatory detention policies - to avoid the embarrassing spectacle of Liberal MPs crossing the floor to support a private member's bill - the mindset of blaming asylum seekers and appealing to populist anti-immigration sentiment has hardly changed. ... <cont>

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Ok - what sort of damn lesson is all this for activists?

1. Get a white person imprisoned.

2. Get a high profile person with clout for no discernible reason to pressure the government into doing what no amount of reasoned debate, research, and simple human decency could make them do before.

(Ok, ok - I know - the previous campaignng softened them up - but, STILL!!!!)
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well I cant be bothered reading all the the posts in here,
but as I sympathise with some genuine cases...such as kids who have grown up in Australia all of a sudden being told to go back to their country
of origin that they cant remember etc bla bla bla I blame that on his guardians for not doing something earlier on..I totaly agree with the Howard Gov..you just cant have all these asylum seekers going to countries without the proper credentials, and expecting to be welcomed with open arms, one person gets into the country legaly and the next you know 20 of his or her family members turn up afterward...nah its not on
and thats what happens here in NZ...just my opinion folks.
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Last Update: Sunday, July 17, 2005. 10:28am (AEST)

Peter Qasim has been handed a visa. (File photo) (ABC)

After 7 years, Qasim can go free

Australia's longest-serving immigration detainee, Peter Qasim, has been granted a visa.

The Federal Government announced several weeks ago that Mr Qasim would be released pending health and character checks, after seven years in detention.

He has been at Adelaide's Glenside psychiatric hospital.

Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone says Mr Qasim received his visa last night after a series of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) checks.... <cont>


Yes, that's right: seven long years!

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Last batch of detained children released
By Staff reporters
July 28, 2005 - 4:00PM/SMH

Authorities have today begun releasing 45 children and their families held in Australian immigration detention centres.

The families of the 21 children held at Villawood were today allowed to leave the detention centre. But are not free. They have been housed in serviced apartments under a community detention plan.

It is understood the rest of the children held in detention centres around Australia will be released tomorrow.... <cont>

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Confused "Nauru detention an outstanding success: PM" Yeah, right, sure it was! Rolling Eyes

Last Update: Friday, October 14, 2005. 4:05pm (AEST)

Nauru detention an outstanding success: PM

Prime Minister John Howard says the Federal Government will keep its Nauru detention centre open, even though just two detainees are now likely to remain on the Pacific island.

The Government has announced 25 of the 27 asylum seekers currently on Nauru will be brought to Australia.

Thirteen will be released into the community after gaining refugee status and the other 12 will have their status assessed from detention centres on the mainland.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone says two people will remain on the island after they received an adverse security assessment.

Labor says it will cost taxpayers $36 million a year to keep the two remaining detainees on Nauru. ...

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Last Update: Friday, November 18, 2005. 7:00am (AEDT)

Solon returns home after 4 years

The Australian citizen who was wrongly deported to the Philippines, Vivian Solon, is expected to arrive back in Australia today.

Ms Solon's deportation has raised serious questions about Australian immigration procedures.

She will reportedly arrive in Sydney on a Qantas flight from the Philippines this morning - her first time on Australian soil in four years.

An inquiry last month by the Commonwealth ombudsman described her deportation as catastrophic, saying a greater effort should have been made to check her identity, particularly after she said she was an Australian citizen.

The inquiry also found her poor mental and physical health was neglected.

The report criticised three immigration officials who knew of the mistake but failed to act.

The Federal Government has announced it will spend $230 million in improving immigration procedures as a result of Ms Solon's deportation and other scandals.

After her deportation, at least three immigration officials became aware of the situation and did nothing about it.

Ms Solon's arrival this morning comes six months months after she was located at a hospice north of Manila.

Her return to Australia had been delayed until now to allow her lawyers to negotiate compensation.

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What can you possibly say in response to what's happened to this man? How low can the Department of Immigration go? This is just despicable!:

Stateless deportee pleads for return
AM - Thursday, 24 November , 2005 08:12:00
Reporter: Lynn Bell

The sister of a Melbourne man deported from Australia to Serbia last year has asked the Federal Government to allow her sick and destitute brother to return home.

Robert Jovicic was born in France to Serbian parents and arrived in Australia when he was just two. He lived in Melbourne for more than 30 years and was a permanent resident.

After spending time in jail for burglary, which he committed to support a heroin addiction, he was stripped of his residency and ordered out of Australia on character grounds.

..... 38-year-old Robert Jovicic has been sleeping in front of the Australian embassy, in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. It's cold, he's sick, he doesn't speak the language and he has no right to work, or seek welfare because the Serbian Government doesn't recognise him.

ROBERT JOVICIC: The reason I slept out front of the Australian Embassy as a last resort for myself. I have been sent to this country, which I have never been before. I had nowhere else to go. The money had run out, I have got no documents.

... He was deported in June last year after spending time in prison for a series of burglaries. He was addicted to heroin, and also spent four months in the Maribyrnong Detention Centre.

<complete transcript of AM segment>

Deported man probably entitled to visa: lawyer:
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This is amazing. Jovicic has lived in Australia since he was two years old! He'd never set foot in Serbia until he was deported there! Talk about losing the plot!:

..... Senator Vanstone has defended the decision by her predecessor, Philip Ruddock, to cancel his permanent visa in October 2002.

She said Mr Jovicic was convicted on various charges of burglary, theft, possessing stolen property and possessing prohibited substances between 1984 and 2002.

"Although Mr Jovicic has referred to himself as an Australian citizen, he is in fact not," Senator Vanstone said in a statement.

"In 1998, Mr Jovicic applied for Australian citizenship but was refused on the grounds that he was not of good character."

She said Mr Jovicic had cooperated with his deportation to Serbia.

"Mr Jovicic cooperated with his return and assisted in obtaining a travel documents to Serbia and Montenegro, where his father lived and was liaising with Serbian authorities," she said.

He is eligible for Serbian citizenship, she said.

"I am advised that he can apply for citizenship in Serbia and that, to date, he has not."

In her statement, Senator Vanstone said it was appropriate to deport permanent residents if they were considered to be of bad character in order to protect the Australian community... <extract from article>

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Walter Hinteler
Reply Wed 9 Aug, 2006 10:33 am
On today's (that's Australian 'today' :wink: ) frontpage of the Australian:


Related report online

And: Howard's 'insult' on Barnaby's dinner menu
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