'Nother msg to Stfw Folk

Reply Thu 9 Nov, 2017 12:10 pm
'F course the TAT tear me apart for it and I don't blame 'em 'cause was onc myself not long ago

...but there's so much more you fellas could do to make things easier. F'rinstance, when I need to make my 'f' an 'F,' it takes seven strokes countin' each swipe of the mouse. And there's where a letter is missin' or left out, as w/ 'a d' or 'nd,' seem s so very obvious sumptin' n eedsta b e done !!! I have logged hundres]ds of thousdands of such x'ples, and happy to further 'cuss'm , am [email protected] 'cuz my OP's get 'way too long

Oh and I never zaggerte, 'ceptin' sometimes

Oh and then there's the '[' or '],' showin' u9p every time you use a 'p', a ' " ,' a '\' [who ever uses the '|,' and for that matter even wehat is it

Come on fellas, w/ some 99,999 pot'n a2k'ersd surely someone must be kousy typist like me

///w//// most 'gretful apolos to esl...
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Reply Thu 9 Nov, 2017 01:59 pm
...'cause was once myself not long ago.

Who are you now?

...when I need to make my 'f' an 'F' it takes seven strokes

I take it you mean keystrokes, not strokes of your pet Chihuahua's head or back. Anywho, it should not take that many tapity taps unless you are doing something odd.
Reply Thu 9 Nov, 2017 02:03 pm
I can change a lower case f to a capital F in one mouse click and two keystrokes.

1. Highlight the f using the mouse
2. Hold down the shift key and press F

Alternatively find a capital F nearby, select, right click, copy, select the small f you want to change, right click, paste.

Reply Thu 9 Nov, 2017 02:54 pm
Who are you now?
Again Stur, made me day, me week mebbe
...../.'f' an 'F' it takes seven strokes

I take it you mean keystrokes,....should not take that many tapity taps ...
F\'F'ur n'sted, Gis, glad't spell'm out !!
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Reply Thu 9 Nov, 2017 02:56 pm
Cen, takes seven strokes. All 'pends on how y'fine 'stroke'
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