Softare spellin' revisited still again

Reply Tue 31 Oct, 2017 11:08 am
I suppose I'm alone as the world's worst typist but I complain often and bitterly about the sluggishness of the spellin' software, a few of the most very common cases of especial annoyance: (1) an inadvertent space, as 'inadv ertent,' esp where one of the letters--xcvbnm--right above spacebar

[Even if I hafta highlight. If you detect two adjacent words, esp where both look like missps, you should immediately suspect this.]

(2)--where two keys adjacent -- and for God sake, 'isd' isd the very most common...

(3) More attention to lettering [typography?] where for instance in " f' " the " ' "
is invisible; where 'rn' looks exactly like 'm'

(4) where they completely ignore a missp if it contains a cap, eg, 'cAp'

(5) Where one letter is omitted, a classical example being 'nd,' probably the single most commion missp of 'and,' owing to the weakness of the li'l finger

[I see I had used the adj 'few' regarding its frequency, but as I sit here, examples seem to accumulate. But my postings get too long...]

It's as if the speller crew were relegated to a lower rank. [I often suspect a typo in their Hiring Guide, eg, where "...grade school'... s/b 'grad school...'] But fellows am I entirely alone here?

When I asked my Better Half Enerval she responded, 'But it's because you're such a poor typist. You just have to type better..' I responded, 'That's like when you say I shouldn't talk so loud. At 86 it's hard to get better habits.'
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Reply Tue 31 Oct, 2017 11:28 am
Still, while we're talking about spelling and other such correction, one of my main gripes about editing software is that it just doesn't give you enough time. After one or two corrections you get the message, 'You can't edit this post now,' most frustrating !!

In my favorite Chat Room a2k, there was what I call a 'reverse' Software Gitch where you could make more changes even after that msg. When I happily advised all the other poor typists like me, how they could do this, however, the Software Mavens over there corrected their "Glitch,' so that it reeally means business now, so we're deproved of tht convenience. I can just see all those little ol' ladies, the Software Crew, sittin' 'round that white table, laughing uproairously !!

Yo a2k Mgmt, just kiddin' !! Really I love y'all
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Reply Tue 31 Oct, 2017 02:03 pm
...I complain often and bitterly...spellin' software...

Could be worse. The above could have read: I complayne off ton end bidderly...appalling soft wear....

...isd is the very most common...

Is it? I hadn't noticed.
If you are aware of it already, then just watch yourself when those letters arrive at your fingertips.

...owing to the weakness of the l'il finger

Try the always popular hunt and peck system. Even though I know the keyboard layout and can use it, I find hunt and peck works well for me.

...where 'rn' looks exactly like 'm'

Check with an eye specialist to rule out cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other eyesight maladies. Maybe you just need a new prescription for the spectacles.

Now get going and go easy on eating all the Halloween candy which is meant for the spooky visitors today and tonight. You can partake freely starting after midnight.
Reply Tue 31 Oct, 2017 02:10 pm
Delightful hearin' from you once more Stur

"...where 'rn' looks exactly like 'm' "
Check with an eye specialist to rule out cataracts, glaucoma

Stur you gotta 'stand, not all them typefaces are the same

You can partake freely starting after midnight.
What temptation. However, them calories...
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