'Gratulat'n's !!!

Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2017 03:12 pm
Yo a2k Mgmt: I see yhou've been readin' my postin's with much attn lately [to say nuthin'v action], as your software now lets me make corrections even below the bottom of the Edit Page !! Wow !!!!

Now all you hafta do [to sat me] is restore that Glitch # 45,672,005 that lets me edit more'n one minute !!!!

Thanks much still again once more !!!

Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2017 03:48 pm
You're generally ironic taunting of the volunteer monitors of a2k is distasteful at the least, as is to of the staff and owner.

You constantly claim stuff being their fault since you clearly can not type worth a whistle, unless you actually want to.

You are perfectly able to type coherently as you have shown us so, once in a great while.

You have been admonished near forever about you penchant for shortening words.

You think that is cute. You were told by many that it's not useful for communication.

You like to play in order to diminish numbers of letters, and foist that on the rest of us still reading at all. Such a bad idea for a site started by a language help person.

I post this not expecting it to be useful.

Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2017 04:06 pm
Osso thank you for that response. I wasn't sure anyone red'em
ironic taunting
To you, Oss--or am I s'posta writ with the 'o'. I had no such intention, honesdtly, I don' zaggerate
....'ceptin' sometimes....so what you consider 'taunting' others might cherish

you clearly can not type worth a whistle
Absolutely true, Temp ! One of the reasons I 'plain so much 'bout the SpellWare

You are perfectly able to type coherently
True Buco, but w/ lottsa 'nitial typos

about you penchant
'Deed Sob, me penchant'ts inconceivable !!

foist that on the rest of us still reading at all
Keep tellin' y'all, jus' don' reed'em !! You can tell, somewheret up there you see a name , like dalehileman or [email protected] or somethin'. When you do jus' don' resp !! [that's 'respond,' sorry]

expecting it to be useful.
Oh, it was, Cote, I 'sure you, a joy resp'in'
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