My budgie wants too escape!

Thu 21 Sep, 2017 11:10 pm
This is going to be a long post so I'll get started....Today I found my budgie Pickle making holes in the fly screen. The fly screen is the separator between a bathroom and his aviary, don't worry he didn't eat it.
Pickle and his friends have discided that ruining things that are important is a fun game. So far they have chewed about 10 leaves off a plant(I had to throw the plant away), pull off a teatowel off a powerpoint every day(It must be their goal) and currently they are biting off bits from the top of their nest box and finding out how to escape.
Does anyone else have problems like this from their young budgies?
I put a bell in the aviary and Pickle seems to be interested in it and sings to it 😊 He isn't interested in the girls anymore....The girl budgies are happy and very relaxed around him. They chew anything they see and have eaten 2 small cuttlebones!😁 Hopefully, when they become adults they have little budgies.
I hoped you all enjoyed the so far story of the life of trouble making budgies: Pickle, Tigerlily, Violet and Bubblegum. (Violet & Bubblegum R my brothers they R not named but thats what I call them Smile
Thanks for reading ....
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Fri 22 Sep, 2017 12:22 am
@Pickle and Tigerlily,
Well, if budgies were cats, I would say they would become less playful and destructive after a year or two.
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Fri 22 Sep, 2017 12:25 am
Perhaps this is a function of the undeniable fact that being caged is not the natural condition of birds.
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Fri 22 Sep, 2017 04:26 am
Do you keep them all caged? All the time? When my budgies were new and very young, I trained them--first to sit on a pencil inside their cage. Then on my finger inside the cage. Then my finger outside the cage. Then they flew around and returned to the cage at night. One was especially well trained. She had dinner with me and my family. I brought her to school for show and tell. She sat on my shoulder the whole time. She was our beloved pet, as much a part of the household as a dog or a cat. How do I know for sure? She used to dive bomb our dog.

Would you consider trying to train your birds at this stage. Is there some kind of expert advice on google that might be able to help you with this? I'm not an expert.
Pickle and Tigerlily
Fri 22 Sep, 2017 04:53 am
Hi Roberta, they are in a big aviary together all the time. I have trained them all to perch on a long stick that i hold. I get PIckle to perch on my finger and hold him most nights, he(or even SHE!!) calms down at night. They all do tricks like jumping to 1 stick to another, front flipping while holding on to perch and being quiet for once(they haven't aced it yet, its a hard process)

I probably will get a cage for only 1 budgie to tame at a time. The budgies havent seen another animal since I bought them at a market, except some rosellas that sometimes visit them and chat.
I do look for how to tame your budgie but all of the advice is about budgies in cages. Do/did you have budgies or birds that you tamed in an aviary? If so please give me your advice😊Thanks for the advice you already gave me though:)
Fri 22 Sep, 2017 05:39 pm
@Pickle and Tigerlily,
When I first started having birds, I lived in a small apartment in the Bronx. We had one bird at a time, each was in a cage.

My family and I moved to a larger apartment, and I got more birds, which we kept in cages. They were all trained in cages and allowed out. I remember that we clipped their wings until they were trained. In looking back, I'm not happy about that, but it made it possible to train them outside the cage without them flying away. I don't remember much more.

Side note: Our first parakeet, Billie, laid many eggs. They were unfertilized. We tried getting her a mate, but ti didn't work out.

Second side note: Year later, one night during dinner, Melvyn mounted Bambi. My mother had a fit. No more birds!

In both cases, we let nature take its course.
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